Top tips for creating a warm and cosy home

Winchester Rustic Wooden Blanket box in room

Creating a peaceful, cosy haven in your home is about creating a space that appeals to all the senses. Inviting you in, there is nothing more pleasing than finishing the end of a busy day to find your house welcoming you home. Just how do you create such a space?


There is no denying the impact that scent has on welcoming us into a space. But during the winter, the scents that appeal to us vary from those of summer. That doesn’t mean that floral notes are not welcome anymore, but rather than a heady perfume, we welcome subtle notes.

Rathbornes Dublin Tea Rose Candle

As well as opting for the delicate florals of white candles, the deeper notes of musk can be just as enticing. But just as you vary the scent of the candles, vary their sizes too. Cluster large candles with smaller ones and enjoy the hypnotic, flickering flame in the evening and wake to the gentle scent of the best scented candles hanging in the air.


As well as scent appealing to the senses, plenty of different textures in the home also make it feel snug and cosy.

Plush fabrics are essential for the winter months. Sheepskin rugs, wool throws and blankets make a great addition and work well against a leather sofa, armchair and reclaimed wood furniture or even with a reclaimed wood coffee table, perfect for placing that hot cup of cocoa and favourite book.

Wool is enjoying a resurgence in recent years. Not only is it long lasting, wool is a natural insulator making it warm in winter and cool in summer. Invest in wool throws and blankets to keep your living room and bedroom the perfect temperature throughout the seasons. And why not add a wooden blanket box to keep them in too?

Winchester Rustic Wooden Blanket Chest

With so many patterns and colours, there is bound to be something to sit alongside your large fabric sofa or leather armchair!


There is a saying in cookery that we eat with our eyes first and when it comes to feeling warm and snug in our homes, there is a lot to be said about the visual appeal of the room.

As well as richer colours – who can resist a dark jewelled red or a rich, forest green for soft furnishings and rugs in the winter? – adding layers of light instantly add an attractive cosiness to a room.

Better still, layers of light work well in any room in the home, including the hallway and landing.

With lighting, it’s important to get the layers right. You’ll need practical lighting – the sharp, bright light for when you are working in the kitchen or cleaning the living room – and then you need ambient light, a gentle light that illuminates the room, plus in the background, a softer light that stops darks shadows and corners infringing on the room.

Bamboo Manta Triple Pendant Light

Pendant lights can offer all layers of light. Perfect for spotlighting the dining table, for example, a bamboo pendant light casts a pleasant shade. Clustered pendant lights or pendant lights fixed in a row make a great statement feature too. Choose natural materials, such as a jute pendant light, that will fit with any style from rustic to contemporary.

What other ideas do you have for creating a cosy, warm home?