Meet the comfiest (and stylish) sofa bed

Selma Sofa Bed in Living Room

All our new collections receive a warm welcome but we think the latest addition to our expanding range will prove to be one of our most popular products yet – say hello to the Selma fabric sofa bed.

Impromptu guests or Airbnb

Opening our homes and extending an invitation to family, friends and guests to stay is a wonderful luxury. However, with all the best intentions, this often results is the lack of extra beds. With every room full to bursting, just how do you fit in more space for people to sleep?

Foldaway beds and sofas haven’t always enjoyed a good press. Poor in style and even worse for comfort, foldaway beds don’t tick any happy boxes. The Selma fabric sofa bed will banish these preconceptions.

Contemporary style with a hint of the Scandinavian that fits right into the suave industrial style too…win!

Aside from being comfortable to sit and sleep on, we fell for the Selma fabric sofa bed because of its looks.

Selma Fabric Sofa Bed

There is more than a hint of stylish versatility to it that means it will fit into the contemporary style with its switched squares and play on lines and angles.

But, it also hugs closely to the Scandinavian style with its clean lines and minimalist appeal, as well as its grey and cream colour options, that will sit beautifully well in the Scandi style too.

It also dovetails with the industrial style. Again, it’s the clean lines, the neutral tones and the angles make it ideal for the industrial styled home or Airbnb rental property.

How to style it

Opening up into a small double bed, this sofa bed is ideal for the unexpected guest or as an optional extra in an Airbnb property.

By day, it acts as a comfortable and spacious fabric sofa – we would say a generously sized 2 seater sofa bed – and by night, it offers a comfy space for guests to lay their heads.

Selma Sofa Bed with Mitcham Oak Coffee Table

In terms of the industrial style, it’s a great foil for items from the Mitcham Collection. Against the Mitcham sideboard and the matching industrial oak coffee table, the modern sofa bed looks right at home.

In a room where space is at a premium, you could also opt for a side table with storage, ideal for guests to temporarily safely store their belongings. Add understated texture with layers of throws and complementing cushions, as well as a rug or two. In a small room, large living room rugs make great options for adding both warmth visually and underfoot too.

And don’t forget the accessories. As well as dressing the space with a lush green plant, we also opted for Rock pendant lights and stylish artwork.

Resplendent in its position…

… and in the versatility that it offers you for entertaining guests. Great at home, it makes for a great addition to your Airbnb rental or rooms too.

Selma Sofa Bed Extended