Create a dining look oozing with industrial glamour

Lansdowne Industrial reclaimed wood dining table and chairs

Practical streamlined and functional it may be, but it is possible to add hints of luxury to the industrial style.

Opt for reclaimed wood dining table

Industrial Lansdowne Reclaimed wood dining table

The industrial style is a fusion between metal, especially steel and iron, with the beauty and warmth of reclaimed wood. This Lansdowne industrial dining table is a perfect example of this. Sleek and understated, it sits perfectly with two different seating options. You can opt for one or the other or mix them should the mood take you. For example, this wooden bench is from the same collection as the table, perfect for marrying with an extendable table in your luxurious industrial style dining room.

Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Bench

faux leather dining chairs add texture and warmth, as well as a depth of colour.

Tilde Faux Leather Dining Chair

Set against white walls, you can see how this luxurious industrial dining room is beginning to take shape.

Supporting acts

As you can see, the room is not devoid of character as there is plenty of space and display areas for key accessories including plants, a must in any stylish dining room. The reclaimed sideboard is perfect as closed storage and for framing the industrial extendable table in situ too.

Lansdowne Large Wooden Industrial Sideboard

Open display shelving is ideal for showcases those little luxurious touches. A reclaimed wood bookcase that emulates the reclaimed wood dining table and sideboard both in colour and style creates the cohesive backdrop that turns this dining room landscape from ordinary to opulent.

Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Bookcase

The accessories

Aside from well-chosen accessories and this season’s must-have greenery of plants, there are other additions you can consider to add a luxurious spin on the room.

Rattan Gaze Pendant Light

Lighting is key, especially layers of light which is exactly what is on offer with the black bamboo pendant light hanging over the table. It is a stunning centrepiece as too is the large table lamp adorning the reclaimed sideboard. The black shades of both balance the dining room with the recycled glass base of the lamp marrying perfectly with reclaimed wood furniture and adding a touch of drama we just adore.

Heath Large Wall Mirror

Contributing to layers of light is the beautiful Heath large wall mirror hung behind the sideboard. As well as reflecting both natural and ambient lighting, the mirror also serves an important role in framing the sideboard in its place. It also makes the room feel taller, adding a decadent accent to the tall fronds of the plants and the height of the table lamp.

Dress the table

And finally, for a luxurious industrial dining room you need to add texture and hints of colour, but be careful not to over do it and distract the eye from the larger details. Linen is a wonderful fabric for the industrial look. There is a coarseness to it that fits the industrial nature of the room but this texture also adds luxury too. Use the linen tablecloth as a runner, a way of staying true to the functional approach of this style.

Collectively, this dining room stays true to the industrial style roots, but the addition of luxurious textures, such as linen and bamboo, recycled glass and the like, make for a beautiful dining room exuding in style and luxury.