Turn your small kitchen into a beautiful space

Lansdowne reclaimed Bar Table and Grey Faux leather bar stools

The industrial style is a combination of raw materials such as stainless steel and iron with exposed brick and reclaimed wood. What sets it apart is a bohemian spirit, a dash of character that lifts it from the glossy pages of a magazine to be your home. Uncluttered but with detail, the industrial style is perfect for the small kitchen and when it comes to function, a bar table in the kitchen is perfect too.

Why choose a bar table for the small kitchen

When space is limited, you need to be clever not just in the choice of furniture but in how you style and dress the space. When it comes to a small kitchen, function and practicality are at the top of the list.

For these reasons, choosing a piece of reclaimed wood furniture that fits right into the industrial style and the space you have available come in the perfect dimensions and appeal of the kitchen bar table.

Lansdowne Industrial reclaimed wood bar table

It allows for comfortable dining for yourself and a few guests, as well as being a practical space for food prep too. Is there another piece of kitchen furniture that delivers like this?

Add bar stools

The second ingredient in this perfect small kitchen industrial style recipe is the barstools to complement the kitchen bar table.

There are, as you would expect, numerous choices. Don’t forget that a key essence of the industrial style is marrying the practical with your notes of added character which is why these two ideas for bar stools are ideal…

Brown Faux Leather bar stool

Bar stools with back are undoubtedly more supportive for the lumbar region and with faux leather bar stools you get an added dash of practicality with wipeable seats without compromising on warmth and texture.

Bancroft faux leather bar stool

Another choice when it comes to a bar table and chairs are the lithe, elegant proportion of bar stools with backs in dark grey faux leather, completed with splayed legs. There is a certain understated glamour to these bar stools that makes them a firm customer favourite.

Adding spice

And now you need to season the small kitchen industrial scene with additional details that add flair and spice.

Reclaimed wood furniture is an integral and accepted part of the industrial style and this is no different in the kitchen. Oozing in style and function, a small reclaimed sideboard would be the perfect addition.

Lansdowne Reclaimed wood industrial sideboard

Add hints of steel and iron with a large metal wall clock, perfect for framing the kitchen bar table and stools by hanging it above it and in the centre. By doing so, you attract the eye which then drops and lingers on the kitchen bar with its complementing and stylish bar stools.

Bamboo Manta Triple Pendant Light

And finally, add another focal point with pendant lighting, perfect for illuminating the small kitchen table. It is possible to add detail without clutter as this bamboo triple pendant light clearly shows. By using bamboo, a natural material, you are staying true to the roots of the industrial style but adding your own dash of bohemian character.