5 restaurant design elements to jazz up your dining room

Mitcham Industrial Oak Sideboard

There is more to restaurant design than table and chairs alongside a modern colour scheme. The way it is all pulled together is used to transport diners to a different world, just for an hour or two. The good news is, with our guide, you can combine these elements for your dining room too with reclaimed wood dining table options you’re sure to love.

Dining benches

Edwina Fabric Dining Bench in Velvet

A practical addition, an upholstered, comfy dining bench running along a wall is a design trick many restaurants employ. Even the smaller two-seater dining bench could make a vast difference to your dining room. There is a leather option too if you are worried about sticky fingers.

There is nothing wrong with making a style statement in the dining room either, and it doesn’t just have to be about the dining chairs. Take note of restaurants that have plush, high-back upholstered dining benches and the vibe the interior gives off.

Colourful dining chairs

Go on, admit – you opt for the safe solutions when it comes to dining chairs to go with your reclaimed wood furniture because, maybe you’re a little nervous of doing something ‘different’.

Velvet Dining Chairs and Reclaimed Table

Be brave and banish these fears and jump feet first by adding coloured dining chairs to your dining room. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed and neither will you regret your decisions in years to come, questioning why you bought luxurious, coloured velvet dining chairs.

Set the mood

There are times when meal times are frantic, a brief interlude in a busy day before family members peel off to their various social activities.

But there are other times that you want a more leisurely pace to dinner. Or maybe, dare we suggest, a more romantic ambience?

You’ll notice that your favourite eatery will have a very different feel to it once the sun has set than during the day. They do this to meet the expectations of clientele and to help diners relax, and they do this with lighting.

A pretty candle, its flickering flamer highlighting the beauty of reclaimed wood furniture, or a table lamp gracing the industrial shelving or dining room sideboard cabinet are all ideal lighting solutions.

Go green!

You want minimal, we get it. You want streamline, we get it. You want industrial styling, we get it. But the problem is, it can all look a little too streamlined and minimal, too industrial and ‘harsh’.

Restaurant designers understand this too and that’s why the use of green in the shape of statement plants with broad, lush green leaves is a must.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Display Unit

Enjoy the beauty of a broadleaf plant, for example, gracing the industrial style shelving unit in your dining room.

Mix your wood tones

The one thing we love about reclaimed wood – and we know our customers do too – is the variations in patterns and patinas that make every piece unique.

If you look at the detailing of a restaurant, you will notice that unlike some other places, they vary the use of wood tones in the space.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Sideboard

They retain a sense of cohesion in other ways – matching styles of chairs and table linen, for example – but use darker woods along lighter woods. Why not mix it up in your dining room with the warmth of the lighter toned Rocco industrial table with similarly styled but darker wood sideboard.

Why not jazz up your dining room and send us photos of the results?