Dining with a bench – the latest trend

Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Bench

We have noticed a shift in attitude to the extending dining table that so much, we can now triumphantly declare the extending reclaimed wood dining table is king of the dining room.

It makes perfect sense – simply add more dining space when you have guests, decreasing its size for when you don’t – as far as reclaimed wood furniture goes, it’s the perfect choice- especially when you’re catering for the man, or for the few..

Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Bench

But an extending dining table is only one part of the equation. The other is seating. No one wants to dine balancing on a stool that means their chin rests on the table or too tall a stool to find their knees rubbing painfully on the underside of your rustic dining table.

The answer is simple – a dining bench (or two).

The solution to all your dining needs

With the end of summer yet to enjoy and the golden colours of autumn to come, encouraging people to think of Christmas seems premature.

But it is the time that most of us are likely to welcome guests into our home for both formal dining events, as well as the traditional festive buffet. The truth is ordering now guarantees your dining table with bench in time for Christmas – by late November you may be very disappointed.

The dining table with bench options…

*The best sellers

It’s no wonder that these are our two most popular kitchen table sets. The industrial charm with more than a hint of rustic makes the Standford Wooden Large Extending Dining Table a popular choice.

Its best selling counterpart, the Newton Dining Table also have the pleasant solidity about it that many customers in love with the industrial dining table style enjoy.

*Scandinavian appeal

If it is refinement you are after with a subtle elegance and style then look no further than the Scandinavian inspired Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table.

As kitchen tables sets go, this surely is the triumph that we have been seeking. A great size, it will sit in any kitchen/diner, performing time and again. And yet, with a few elegant twists and additions, it will become the sophisticated dining table you need for your next Christmas dinner party.

*Beautifully rustic

There is a romantic ideal of imagining and seeing all your friends and family gathered around a large farmhouse-style table, tucking into delicious food. A gabble of noise as they all talk over each other, the occasional bouts of laughter and endless chatter gives any host a warm feeling.

If you hanker after the farmhouse dining table, we have two amazing options;

*The white painted legwork of this extendable trestle dining table makes it perfect for those who seek the farmhouse style to their dining room. Add elegance with upholstered dining chairs alongside the functional dining bench.

*The Elton Farmhouse Dining Table is very similar, offering fantastic dining space and great for the kitchen/diner too. The ding bench stores neatly away under the table and so if you don’t need the full extent of the table, you can push it against the wall.

The dining bench is multi-functional. Drape with throws and cushions to soften the seat, squeeze guests along its length to enjoy an impromptu get together and you’ll find your family will love it too.