Tips to make the most of a small kitchen

Standford Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

If you are blessed with a small kitchen, we have ideas you will love for making the most of it. Read on to see some tips and tricks you may not have considered.

1 Go big when it comes to the wow factor

So your kitchen is Bijou? That doesn’t mean it can’t have the wow factor. By allowing your kitchen one huge wow you are making a style statement unlike any other. So yes, those brass tiles are worth the money as is the statement pendant light.

2 Add a multi-functional breakfast bar table

Lansdowne Faux Leather Industrial Bar Stools and Table

A bar table and stools is the ideal addition to the smaller kitchen. Not only is it great for meals but the perfect standing height means that with a chunky chopping board to protect its surface, it becomes another bit of worktop space for when you cook.

3 Open shelving

Lansdowne Industrial Reclaimed Wood Shelving

It is a trick that many cooks already know and even though you may favour the streamlined, cupboard look give this a chance. The open shelving system means that you have detail in the function items that every kitchen needs. From clustering together glass jars of lentils and other pulses to cooking utensils, an open shelving unit could be a practical addition that you need.

4 Moveable furniture

Most people tend to think of kitchens as fitted with furniture thus everything has its place. But sometimes, the more fluid the choice of kitchen furniture the better. And that’s why many designers advocate a mix of fitted and freestanding furniture in the smaller kitchen. the butchers block, for example, is a small island that can easily move from one area to another, as and when you need it.

5 Add a rug

Rustic Kitchen with Rug

We can hear the sucking in of breath from the studio – a rug in the kitchen?! Always pushing the boundaries, we think that in some homes and for some people, a rug in the smaller kitchen could be a fantastic addition. It will add both colour and interest but depending on the pattern and colour, it could make the narrower kitchen look wider too.

6 Wall art

Another every-so-slightly controversial addition to the kitchen as most people assume that the steam and the grease will wilt and warp your lovely wall art at the first glimpse of the frying pan. But, you will be amazed at just how robust wall art is, whether it is canvas or framed, in the kitchen.

7 Opt for full-sized furniture

It can be tempting when space is limited to opt for micro-sized furniture, assuming that smaller pieces will give you more space. It has the opposite effect – small furniture makes a room look smaller and the compact kitchen is not immune to this. If you have a small kitchen and dining space, opting for an extendable reclaimed wood dining table with wooden dining chairs will work just as well as opting for smaller, more compact pieces.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Bench

8 Lighting

Lighting in a small space is key to it not only being usable but feeling bigger than it is. However, this doesn’t mean only opting for stark bright white lights – change your bulbs for soft glow white LEDs and if your kitchen is particularly dark, a light on the breakfast bar table wouldn’t go amiss either.

How have you styled your small kitchen?