Discover the timeless elegance of the wingback chair

Brick wall with electric blue velvet armchair and yellow cushion

Blue velvet winged back armchair against brick wall

It’s not a new shape by any means but the winged armchair never goes out of fashion. No matter what interior décor style you opt for, there is a place for this iconic armchair amongst your reclaimed wood furniture. And we’ll show you how to use it.

In the bay window

The bay window gives a sweeping curve to any room and whilst you may have fallen in love with it, dressing it can be problematic.

A sofa is too straight across it, swallowing too much floor space and other pieces of furniture are a mismatch too.

But now imagine two modern-shaped velvet winged back armchairs, with a reclaimed wood coffee table between them, complete with a pretty lamp and a rug to pull it all together. Wouldn’t that make a fantastic space to sit, to unwind, to chat, to relax, to read…?

Two velvet winged back armchairs in cream fabric

Sofa companions

In many living rooms across the country, the living room furniture is placed to revolve around the TV. An important piece of equipment it may be but shouldn’t the living room space be about you, your family and the time you spend together.

If the have the room, remove the TV and make the living room seating area into a space where you re-connect.

With a large wooden coffee table as the centrepiece, place two leather winged back armchairs directly opposite your brown leather sofa. Immediately, you have created a seating circle.

If you don’t want it to look too matchy-matchy, stick with the same style of armchair but opt for fabric armchairs instead.

The statement piece

The high back armchair, as humble as it may be, can be the statement piece. And so if you want to create a space that draws the eye, a leather winged back armchair with generous proportions is a perfect choice.

Frankly, it will fit in any space in any room but there is something imposing about a single leather armchair in the office or in the reading nook. Emphasise its proportion with a small side reclaimed wood side table and a generously sized rug that will balance the setting. To give it warmth, add texture with a soft throw or a scatter cushion or two.

Sumptuous brown leather winged back armchair

Remember – opposites attract

All too often, we are guided by designers and stylists to bring cohesion and style to a space by opting for items that are the same.

Whilst this can be pleasing to the eye, it can all look a little predictable. Or maybe your style is eclectic, the marrying of pieces into a combination that is stylish yet individual, balanced yet exciting.

And so fabric winged back armchairs playing against your leather sofa would work a treat as too would mixing styles. A modern, sleek sofa for example with the traditional-shaped fabric armchairs would be a case of opposites attract.

Pair of aviator style winged back leather armchairs

A worthwhile investment

There are some pieces of furniture that we invest that stay with us for years. No matter how many times you move home or change the décor, there is one piece that always seems to be fit in. The wingback armchair is one of those.