Top 3 Reasons Why a Round Dining Table is a Great Choice

white oval dining table with wood chairs and eucalyptus leaves in glass jar

White oval table with green plant

The dining table is an important purchase and so it’s no wonder that you want to make the right investment. A round dining table may not be your first choice, but it ticks many boxes. Here are just three top reasons why a round dining table is the table of choice in your kitchen or dining space.

1 Because the dining room is square

Isn’t that like hammering a round nail into a square hole, you may ask? Go with it; there is a method to this madness.

A square room and round dining table combo are perfect in so many ways. The combination of two different shapes sitting with each other can make for a pleasant aesthetic appeal to a room. With an angular room decorated with a strong nod to the industrial style, for example, a round industrial dining table can ‘soften’ the edges.

Round reclaimed  wood dining table with brown leather chairs

2 Because you can squeeze more people around it

Some of the best dinner parties and get-togethers are those that happen by accident. Is there anything better than a group of friends or your extended family dropping on by and staying for something to eat?

It’s the stuff of memories and although we would love to have a dining table around which everyone will fit, it is neither possible nor practical in many cases.

But the round table – or even the oval dining table if you want to switch up the shape a bit – is perfect for these happily-accidental drop-ins, because you can easily squeeze more people around its perimeter.

Oval dining table with grey fabric dining chairs

Even better, you can invest in an extendable round dining table, just so you have extra space on standby for such occasions.

3 Because a round dining table is something different

For many of us, the dining table is either a café style small dining table that fits neatly into the corner or a large rectangle farmhouse dining table that is stylish but possibly a little imposing.

There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact it fits in many a home, but if you want to ring the changes with your next dining table, opt for a round one. For the smaller space, a round small dining table is perfect. Or maybe an oval table would be just right, a sumptuous and elegant piece of reclaimed wood furniture if ever there was one.

Round wooden dining table with wooden chairs

How to choose the right dining table, no matter the shape

If your curiosity to go full circle has been ignited, there are a few factors to consider when choosing your dining table, round or otherwise…

  • Don’t forget to measure – measure the space you have and then with tape, mark out on the floor the dimensions of the dining table. Is there room to walk around the table and move the chairs too?
  • The 1-metre rule – there should be at least one metre between the back of the dining chair when you are sat on it and the nearest wall or object behind the chair. Any less and taking your seat at the dining table will be difficult.

Ready to make the change? Browse through our collection of round dining tables and find the perfect match for your home.