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Easily get your farmhouse inspired bedroom

Easily get your farmhouse inspired bedroom

Standford High Reclaimed Wood Bed in Bedroom

You don’t have to live on a farm or in a rural location to enjoy the whimsical romance on the farmhouse inspired bedroom.

By using key elements of this popular interior design style, you too can enjoy a stunning farmhouse bedroom…

Mix the old and the new…

English Beam Marlow Reclaimed Wood Bed

The farmhouse bedroom is an informal, relaxed space but make sure you retain a few nods to the traditions of yesteryear. The easiest way of doing this is to mix the old with the new.

One of the easiest and fool proof ways of achieving this is with reclaimed wood furniture. Each grain, dip and pattern tell a story, perfect for injecting uniqueness and a slightly modern edgy without ditching the past completely.

Our Tip

Make the bed the key feature. Don’t be frightened of it ‘imposing’ on the room as in essence, the bed was the main character of the play that is the farmhouse styled bedroom. This reclaimed wood high framed bed is ideal. Or, if you prefer the painted look, consider the Marlow grey painted bed.

The Blanket Box

Savannah Reclaimed Wood White Blanket Box

As well as the wardrobe and the chest of drawers, along with the quaint side tables, there was another piece of farmhouse furniture that was essential ‘back in the day’.

The bedroom fire heated the room in the hours before bed but with the prospect of a cold night, once the fire had gone out, the wooden blanket box was the place where extra blankets and feather-filled eiderdowns were kept.

You may not have masses of either but the wooden blanket box is practical and functional, but ideal for adding a nod to tradition.

Our Tip

This mix of painted and reclaimed wood is ideal and a white blanket box is a great nod to the farmhouse style. Complete the look with matching bedside tables.

Pastel Colours

The farmhouse style is not devoid of colour but think lighter pastel shades. Stick with white and mix with pretty, flowered linens or opt for buttery yellow or a warm beige. Darker colours were rarely used on the walls as farmhouse bedroom furniture would often be dark wood, and lighter colours help to lift the room.

Steer clear of stripes and geometric patterns, and stick with florals although you can be as modern in your choice as you like.

Our Tip

Not keen on dark furniture? You are in luck because white bedroom furniture is ideal for the farmhouse bedroom look. White when teamed with exposed or reclaimed wood stops white furniture looking too ‘young’, modern and misplaced in a farmhouse bedroom.

Natural Materials

Rattan May Wicker Storage Bench

Although there are some examples of metal being used in a farmhouse styled bedroom, the overriding material was wood. But if you find this too much, opt for other natural materials such as rattan.

This wicker storage basket, complete with upholstered seat is ideal to act as both storage and a window seat.

Now you have the basics of your farmhouse bedroom, you can create your own perfect romantic, boudoir haven!

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