How to choose the best seating for your living room

turquoise sofa and armchair for how to choose the best seating for your living room

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or just fancy giving your living room a bit of a revamp the type of seating you choose will be one of your biggest decisions, not to mention cost. Living room seating is generally a large expense so you really do want to get it right first time.


This can partly depend on the style of house you own or are purchasing and, of course, your taste. You can by all means choose a very modern leather sofa for a more traditional house – rustic and modern do mix really well, or you may prefer to keep the sofa a classic style and add modern accent armchairs.

tan leather chesterfield sofa with industrial coffee table

A leather Chesterfield sofa looks just as good in a more traditional setting as it looks in the modern living room – it is one of those classic pieces of statement furniture which is well worth the initial investment. You can pair this with a modern armchair which can easily be replaced as fashions or your tastes change.

Photo featuring: Oswald 2 Seater Sofa Vintage Brown Leather


Now is the time to decide on the colour of your sofa – do you want to stick with neutral sofa that will blend in? Or do you want an accent sofa to make a statement and bring some bright and bold colour into your room? If you are planning on something long term then I would suggest that you go for a neutral option and bring in your accent colours through cushions and throws….things that aren’t too costly to replace when you fancy a change!

grey modern sofa with yellow cushions


It’s a good idea to consider how you’re going to use your living room and what your seating is going to be subjected to! Take into account if you have pets that you like to have sat with you on the furniture – will they shed fur that will get into the fabric. Do you have young children? Or do you like to throw parties? If you think your sofa will get a lot of use then a durable hard wearing fabric may be is best or easy to care for leather. You could even opt for seating with removable covers that can be easily cleaned. If the sofa is in a secondary living room and will be used occasionally then go for something a little more delicate – the cream York 2 seater fabric Chesterfield sofa below could be just the thing.

cream chesterfield sofa with pink cushion

Will it fit?

Draw a plan of your living room and see how your new sofa and chairs will fit in, remember to allow plenty of room for walkways and space around your reclaimed wood coffee table and make sure your sofa will not be too far from or too close to your TV – there is lots to take into account. If your room is small you can opt for a coffee table with storage or a wooden chest. You can also have a matching footstool that doubles up as a coffee table by putting a decorative tray on it to stand drinks on. Most importantly you need to be able to get the sofa into the room in the first place – double check if it will fit along any narrow corridors, upstairs or round any tight bends on the way!

large silver corner sofa with pink armchair and industrial coffee table

If space allows it’s a good idea to have a combination of different types of seating. For example, a large sofa with one armchair or a smaller 2 seater sofa and one or two wingback armchairs.

Whatever you choose you can be assured that reclaimed wood furniture will look amazing with any style seating.