Extend your search for the perfect dining table set

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Set in room

Not every dining room or kitchen diner is gifted with acres of space and so eating with guests can be a tight squeeze. Not anymore, because with an extendable dining table, you can increase and decrease it as and when you need to.

Extendable dining table with versatile seating

An extendable reclaimed wood dining table is such a wise investment you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! But you may be wondering how the seating works because, after all, when you have more guests and need more table space, you’ll need more fabric dining chairs, surely?

Thankfully, there are dining table sets that offer solutions to this conundrum.

Get the right combination

For industrial elegance and versatility, you can’t get better than a Standford industrial dining table set combined with dining chairs and a dining bench. Simple in design, the solution that dining benches offer shouldn’t be underestimated. For squeezing the kids into being the perfect perch for impromptu guests, you get the best of all worlds.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Extending Dining Set

Go Scandi

The Scandinavian style is also popular and no wonder – clean lines, plenty of warm wood and other natural materials make this a comfortable and appealing look. And there is an extendable dining table set that ticks all these style boxes too.

Wycombe Oak Extending Dining Set

With a beautiful light finish, this Wycombe extendable dining table comes with the ideal combination of seating for you whether that is two, four or six chairs, as well as dining benches.

Bring out the character

Reclaimed wood furniture is an absolute winner for the home. Easy to care for, robust, strong and elegant, with minor embellishments and refinements, it can take on a completely different character, depending on what you pair it with.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Set

A large piece of reclaimed wood morphed into an industrial dining table with a sophisticated edge that makes it stand out even more, this Standford reclaimed wood dining table is available in two sizes, which is enough to make it appealing to anyone. But when you tease the darker shading and grains with leather or tan faux leather dining chairs, you have the perfect vision for the industrial dining room.

On a lighter note

If your preference is for a lighter wood but still want to bring reclaimed wood furniture into your home, an extendable rustic dining table is a perfect choice. Again, available in two lengths, this dining set also comes with a different number of dining chairs, so it really is a case of pick and mix to your heart’s content.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Set

The thing about the dining table is that it is a piece of furniture that is essentially a workhouse. It will stand more than the test of time and will be the space around where many a family dinner will happen, where potential arguments are started and resolved, jokes are made and homework completed.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be just about the function. It can still be elegant and if you are looking for an extendable dining set that is both functional and stylish, the white painted extendable rustic dining set from the Dorset Collection ticks both boxes. Choose from two lengths and number of chairs or consider if a dining bench would be useful too.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Set

Which of these dining room sets would suit your dining room?