Peep inside our customers homes!

Bespoke Oak Dining Table

You don’t need to convince us of the beauty of reclaimed wood furniture and other homeware we offer here at Modish Living, and when we see our customers tag us on social media with their purchases looking beautiful in their homes, we know we aren’t the only ones who are smitten. Here we take a look at some recent items snapped up by our customers and see just how wonderful they sit within their homes.

Beautifully styled kitchen/diners

The kitchen, as we know, is the heart of the home and so a beautiful reclaimed wood dining table around which family and friends can gather is an important purchase. Add to this dining benches and fabric dining chairs for extra luxury, and you can have a perfect dining space.

Effectively, this is what one customer created recently with their purchase of the Lansdowne table, a delightful example of a rustic industrial dining table if ever there was one.

Lansdowne Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

@the_house_the_plummers_built has a beautifully elegant style – a true fusion between the industrial and the rustic.

The Maddox Elm industrial dining table has its roots in the industrial style – the combo of metal and reclaimed wood – but this dining table has a stand out feature in that the mirrored metallic legs of the table give it the stand out luxurious hints that so many of us hanker after.

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Dining Table

@thetownhome has captured this essence beautifully and rather than fight against it, has embraced the sparkling surface by reflecting this with fabric dining chairs with the same legs. Continuing the theme throughout the space, this customer has created a truly luxurious feel to the space that also boasts balance and symmetry. Just look at how the pendants add cohesion along with the clever addition of two wall mirrors in the space!

As well as looking inside our customer’s homes, in recent months, we have also blogged about how our reclaimed wood furniture would make fantastic additions to Airbnb rental properties. @stonehouse_living has shown the way with this bespoke oak dining table in their beautifully styled Airbnb property. Not overly large in the space available, this 6 seater dining table will be well used by anyone staying at this delightful rental property.

Bespoke Dining Table

Practical and stylish, the dining chairs make for great partners to this table, as well as the rest of the dining and kitchen area, fusing together effortlessly in terms of style. Of course, the more effortless the space looks, the more detail and thought has gone into the space. In this case, we particularly love the black pendant lights and how this accents the black detailing in the space, without making it overbearing.

Dining chairs delight

Occasionally we come across an item that we add to our collections knowing that its sheer elegance and simplicity will make it a must-have with our customers. We felt that way when we saw the stud detailing and handle of the Florence fabric dining chairs.

Florence Fabric Dining chairs

@homeatmillfield also saw the versatility of the style, colour and fabric of these chairs, using them in its beautifully styled interior. With flecks of country house style about the place, you can see how the plush upholstery of these dining chairs fits right in against the beauty of the kitchen. In our eyes, upholstered dining chairs are sublime with any interior design style.