Get the look – a pleasing mix of oak and the industrial style

Picasso Oak Dining Table

Sussex Oak Industrial Dining Table

Getting the style ‘just right’ is not just about understanding the key elements of your chosen style but adding your own touches too. In this blog, we look at two dining room styles with oak and industrial furniture, and how you can get the look.

In any dining room, it is the dining table that should be the star of the show with the dining chairs and sideboard or shelving unit supporting it.

This Sussex oval dining table is simply stunning. We all love the beauty of the parquet floor and now it is brought to your dining room in the shape of this exquisite dining table. The table edging also adds to the drama because if you could sum this dining room in one word, it would be theatre.

Everything pulls together to create a space that is masterful and yet subtle, beautiful and yet has hidden details that you are still finding as your eyes roam across the photo one more time.

Sussex Industrial Oval Dining Table

Leather dining chairs work exceptionally well, as you can see, but as we said, creating style is not just about following the rule book but adding personal choices too. Why not opt for upholstered dining chairs instead? A cream dining chair would work well or why not add velvet dining chairs?

Cream Dining Chair With Lion Knocker

A reclaimed wood sideboard is somewhat essential in this formal dining room. How about an exquisite piece from the ever popular Barclay Collection. You would think that the detailing on the front of the large sideboard would somehow detract from the beauty of the dining table.

But it doesn’t. perhaps it is the neutral backdrop, the well-chosen accessories but could anything supersede the beauty of a parquet oval dining table? We think not and this is why the room carries the table and sideboard so well together.

Picasso Industrial Oak Dining Table

If you want to bring more modern flair to the industrial style dining room, the Picasso industrial oak dining table, with its pleasing rectangular shape is the ideal choice.

The legwork of the chairs perfectly mimics the table legs. Don’t underestimate just how noticed and noticeable table legs are! The same is true for dining chairs.

There is a modern edge to the sideboard too, just in shot on the far right-hand wall of the dining room. The Picasso range is not a boastful one and yet, it does make a statement. Take a look at the Picasso oak sideboard and you will see why.

Picasso Industrial Oak Sideboard

There is a pleasing frame to it, but the lack of fuss and detailing gives it a streamlined finish, perfect we think for complementing industrial dining chairs of a similar ilk.

Unlike the first dining room example, this one uses a rug to frame the dining table and chairs. Note how the rug is large enough to accommodate the table and chairs when it is in use. There is nothing worse than a dining chair ‘falling off’ the rug edge, giving your guests a see-saw effect.

Choose a large rug but also opt for one with a light tone and barely there pattern to recreate the above effect.

Which of these two dining rooms do you lust after?