Stylish industrial shelving for every budget

Industrial Wooden Bookcase

Oldman Industrial Large Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

A shelving unit is worth every penny you invest in it. It will be the unsung hero of your home for years to come. It will be whatever you want it to be, from the platform that showcases photos, artwork, sculptures or books to the ‘look at me’ piece in a room.

Getting it right may seem like an uphill struggle – how do you buy an item of furniture that will keep on giving, no matter what the interior design trends are? Take a look…

The ‘Look at me’ Piece

Perhaps it is the size, the generous height and the towering columns that make the Oldman reclaimed wood shelves the attention-grabbing piece of furniture in a room? Either way, it is simple yet stunning to the eyeline.

Pleasantly angular and statuesque, to get even more from it and to bring out the warmer tones of the reclaimed wood, use it against a backdrop of pastel colours or let it stand out with bright white walls. Soften it further with the soft glow of a table lamp. And then sit back and admire, as it teases you to do.

The Bookcase

There are times when we need an item to deliver what it says on the tin. If you are a book hoarder or enjoy collecting DVDs but love the understated simplicity and utilitarianism of industrial furniture, the industrial bookcase is exactly what you need.

Industrial Wooden Bookcase

Unfussy. Uncluttered. Unpretentious. Perfection.

Get a lean on

Shelving doesn’t have to be boring, nor does it have to be square or built to a certain set of dimensions and instructions to be useful. Which is why we like this leaning industrial shelving ladder with reclaimed wood shelves.

Oldman Leaning Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Dressy enough for any room, we think it also adds style and aplomb in terms of home office furniture too. With cascading shelving that increase in depth as they reach the lower rung of the unit, it offers a range of storage options – in this case, four perfectly proportioned shelves for anything from your collection of cacti to limited edition books.

When less is more

You don’t always need height and sometimes, you don’t need over-complexity of furniture either.

The two-tiered Oldman industrial reclaimed wood shelving unit is ideal for the smaller space but offers the open storage that so many of us find useful and stylish in the home.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Slim enough for the hallway or landing, it is also a functional piece for the home office too. Imagine that sitting alongside your Oldman desk, with everything you need to hand.

When less is more with a touch of refinement

Some things, just don’t need to be on display. Like your notebook or your smaller items such as your portable hard drive when not in use. The Standford collection takes on the mantle of the industrial look – metal with reclaimed wood – but adds a touch of refinement.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table

The reclaimed wood console table from the range has the function and form of the industrial appeal, but the refinement of drawer space for enclosed storage with handles that are not fussy, and yet somehow, prettily elegant.

And so you see, industrial shelving is a possibility, no matter what your budget!