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Give your classic country dining space a style refresh

Give your classic country dining space a style refresh

We love the country farmhouse rustic look. It never dates, but simply morphs to embrace new trends to stay current. This season, it is all about adding individual quirks and charm to the small details of this familiar and popular style and the Farringdon Collection has everything you need to create a beautiful farmhouse rustic dining room or kitchen diner.

Start at the centre

The kitchen is the hub of the home, so it’s no wonder that in the country farmhouse and rustic styles, the dining room or area is of such importance. The same applies to the dining table, which is a vital piece of functional furniture, around which family and friends gather.

The centrepiece of any dining room or kitchen-diner must surely be the dining table and chairs. When it comes to the farmhouse or rustic style, a reclaimed wood dining table should be at its heart.

Farringdon reclaimed wood trestle dining set

The Farringdon reclaimed wood dining table set comes with a range of options, including a 6 seater dining table, perfect for when you need a little extra space every now and then. You can opt for wooden dining chairs or a dining bench or why not go for a mix of both.

Sideboard elegance

Farringdon reclaimed wood medium sideboard

Adding detail in this dining room is the small sideboard, a delightful piece of reclaimed wood furniture that offers hideaway storage in the dining room. But, like all pieces of furniture in a room, it needs framing. As well as houseplants (note how we’ve used two to balance the room), a piece of wall art or, as in this case, a beautifully detailed round wall mirror sets the sideboard in its position.

Sintra Round Wall Mirror

It adds texture and style with the merest hint of decadence, something that is also afforded to the room by the beautiful rustic cabinet in the opposite corner. As well as storing glasses and other dining ware, it also makes for a fantastic drinks cabinet. Its textured surface is simply delightful too.

Wardour rustic elm cabinet

Dressing the rustic country farmhouse dining room with the detail

With the main players in place, you now need to dress the room, adding the detail that lifts it to become a welcoming, stylish and functional space.

We’ve mentioned a key accessory previously – that is, houseplants. Evergreen plants with lush foliage are a must for any room, adding a wonderful injection of colour that is simply wonderful.

Alongside the extendable table, there is also the lighting to consider. In this case, we have opted for a pendant light, a functional layer of light that fills the room with a soft glow. Remaining true to the natural aesthetics of the country farmhouse and rustic styles, we opted for a bamboo pendant light. A raw material light in colour until it is dyed, this light fits perfectly within the landscape we have created.

Bamboo Manta pendant light

And finally, the brown rug adds warmth to the room. By offsetting it against the 6 seater extendable reclaimed wood dining table, we allow the table to shine and the room to have a symmetrical, cohesive finish to it.

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