Host the best party for single people this Valentine’s Day

Women at Valentine's Day Party

Women at Party

Valentine’s Day is not for everyone. But enjoying the single life doesn’t mean that they are a valentine sceptic – it is possible that someone who is single can enjoy what the romance and closeness that the day is trying to promote.

Throwing a party for couples and singletons is possible, without banning any reference to love and romance! And you can still have plenty of red hearts decorating the place too.

So, what are our suggestions for welcoming single friends to a Valentine’s party? We say go with a dinner party, serving delicious food matched by great company.

Decorate the dining room

Valentine’s is the time to overdose on red paper hearts and Cupid’s arrows and just because you have single people coming on over, doesn’t mean that you can use the basics of this romantic day as part of your decorations.

If hearts are not going to cut it, use plenty of red, mixed with pretty pinks with dashes of dark green as the accent colour.

Adding detail to the small round dining table is a great idea too, and frankly, anything that sparkles we think is a great addition. Buy ‘fake’ gems and table glitter, sprinkling it liberally around an amazing centrepiece. The glow of the candles will pick out the sparkles, creating a perfect setting for the delicious food you are about to serve.

Create a signature cocktail

The most important part of any social gathering or dinner party is the greeting. A warm welcome sets the tone for the evening and so, you need to be on hand to welcome guests and in the best way possible: with a drink in your hand!

Signature Cocktail

Create a signature cocktail – there are loads of ideas online – creating a sublime cocktail that helps your guests unwind and enjoy the food. For non-drinking or driving guests, create a signature non-alcoholic version too.

Serve with an array of nibbles, all served in gorgeous serveware dishes and arranged artistically on your reclaimed wood coffee table in the living room.

Ditch formality

The best dinner parties are those where the food is delicious, but the company is even better. A formal dinner party is great but sometimes, you just need to kick back and do your own thing.

Friends at Party for Valentines Day

And as it is early February, the evenings still draw in early and the temperature is not climbing much above freezing. So, create something different…

BBQ outside on the patio, ferrying the food to the bar table and chairs, where your guests are super-relaxed with your cocktail signature. Serve up warming dishes alongside BBQ stuff, such as chilli that packs a kick, jacket potatoes with crispy skin and a selection of deeps, some with heat and some with a deep smoky flavour.

Theme it

A theme always makes a party go with a swing and just because you are entertaining singletons at Valentine’s doesn’t mean you have to stick with the ‘red and romance’ look. How about superheroes or ask your guests to come with an imaginary superpower and how they would save the world…