How to celebrate Wine Day like a connoisseur

Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses at National Wine Day

National Drink Wine Day is celebrated annually in the United States on 18th February, however it looks as though the day may be making its way over to the United Kingdom too!

For lovers of white wine

White wine is easy to pair with most dinners, but it works fantastically with white fish or meat, and root vegetables.

Something like a Thai chicken curry, fish cakes or a goat’s cheese, potato & onion tart would work with a lovely bottle of white wine.

When it comes to desert, a classic like apple crumble and vanilla ice cream will work a treat with white wine.

If red wine is more your thing

Red wine is a delight with hearty, wintery dishes. A Sunday roast with roast beef or lamb, a warming casserole or a tomato based dish will be perfectly accompanied by red wine.

Bottle of Wine and Pasta

For something relatively stress-free you can assemble and leave to do its own thing in the oven, a fresh lasagne with pesto is a great option. Spaghetti bolognese is another straightforward but delicious choice. If you are looking for a vegetarian option, herby mushroom pasta would be fantastic.

Desserts which incorporate toffees, caramels and chocolates are fantastic with red wine. Something warming like sticky toffee pudding is a great option. Chocolate fudge cake or a caramel cheesecake would also be fantastic. The options are really endless here!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, for a stress-free evening somewhere you don’t need to book weeks in advance, a relaxing evening with a glass or two of wine and a delicious dinner for two is another great way to celebrate national drink wine day!

Red Wine Glass

Set your reclaimed wood dining table up with candles, flowers or whatever your heart desires, make sure you have some comfy dining chairs (these fabric dining chairs are a great option) and cook a delicious meal. Even if you only have a kitchen bar table in your space, there are plenty of ways to make it work – keep your kitchen tidy as you go so as not to ruin the mood, and perhaps go for a dish which requires as few pots and pans as possible.

Alternatively, if you really love wine or if cooking isn’t your thing, you could even book onto a wine tasting together.

How will you be spending Drink Wine Day?