In the spotlight: the Valentine’s Day table setting

Hoxton Round Dining Table

Hoxton Round Dining Table

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to make more of a fuss of your significant other, and a quiet meal for two is ideal. Cooking up a storm, you want to make sure that the setting is just perfect too. From the table to the ambience, we have it covered with our guide to creating the perfect Valentine’s Day table setting.


This is created by the environment in which you enjoy your romantic meal together. And no matter how lovely you make the table setting, the romance of the occasion won’t be as forthcoming if the surrounding environment is cluttered.

And so, take advantage of the quick storage solutions you have in the living room and dining room furniture, from the sideboard to the coffee table with storage in which you can hide all kinds of things away.

Allegro Oak Dining Table

Adding texture to a room stops it from looking flat and as well as the accessories for the table, consider the room as a whole. For example, deep pile sheepskin rugs in front of the fire are perfect, along with throws hanging gracefully from high-back dining chairs or better yet – fabric dining chairs.

The Table

Creating a theme of love can mean different things to different people but there is no getting away from the fact that red is the colour of love, romance and passion.

Valentines Day Dinner Table

Red roses come at a premium price around valentine’s day – as do most flowers – so you can ring the changes by using either your favourite flower or colour for the backdrop.

But no matter what colour you use, a blank canvas allows the table setting to shine and so opting for a white table cover for your dining table. Opt for the best quality you can afford and for a touch of sumptuousness, copy what high-end restaurants do with a double layered tablecloth.

Abbey Round Dining Table

Or you may want to leave the dining table uncovered, and no wonder if you have the smooth elegant surface of the Farringdon extending table or the beautiful grain and lines etched in the surface of the Abbey reclaimed wood dining table.

Setting the Table

Start with cutlery for each course you are serving, remembering that your first course with start with the outer most cutlery. Shine it to a high polish, matching the cutlery where possible. Have the butter knife laying diagonally across the side plate which is placed to the left of the fork. As well as a glass for water, arrange the wine glasses at the head of the knife.

Keep the table piece in keeping with your theme, using colours that suit your love story. As well as red, many people use soft, pastel pinks – why not opt for pink candles in statuesque, tall candle holders, for example?

Nickel Pod Candle Holders

The finishing touches

With the candle lit, the soft, romantic glow is the perfect setting for the delicious meal you are about to serve. Somehow, you naturally whisper in hushed tones, aware that this is a pleasant interlude for you both. Enjoying the meal perched o high backed dining chairs, there is more than elegance to this table setting – there is genuine romance and long-lasting love.