How a Rustic Bedroom will Help You Reclaim Your Calm

Rustic reclaimed wood bed frame with wooden blanket box and bedside table

Rustic styled white bedroom including reclaimed wood bed, blanket box and chest of drawers

Having a sanctuary to retreat to is more important than ever right now and the bedroom is the one room in the home where you can shut the door and find a moment of undisturbed peace. But if you thought calm and zen were plain and minimalist, you’ll be pleased to hear there are other more homely ways to create a pared-back, simplistic zone. The modern rustic bedroom is a cosy escape that brings comfort and tranquillity to our daily life in a natural, pared-back and simplistic way. Want to know how to create this fresh take on the rustic style? Explore our Winchester Reclaimed Wood collection to find out how..


1. The Bed

The choice of bed is without doubt the most important decision in any bedroom and for the rustic bedroom, the quickest way to inject some modern charm is with the Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bed. You’ll be sure to fall in love with the smooth lines and curves of this double wooden bed frame, king size double wooden bed frame or even super king size, as quickly as you’ll want to fall into it (and possibly never want to get out of!). The modern curves fit well with the texture of the old reclaimed wood, which is peppered with natural markings, notches and nail holes, proof of its heritage.


Reclaimed wood bed frame with grey faux fur throw


2. The Chest of Drawers

Arguably the next best piece of furniture in the modern rustic bedroom, both in terms of styling the room and the function it provides. The perfect piece to store clothes, sheets and blankets, a large chest of drawers is also a lovely spot to add some personal style to your bedroom. Dress with a table lamp, a plant (Lavender is great as it looks pretty and is known to relax and calm), maybe a framed photo of your loved ones and hang a mirror or piece of artwork on the wall behind. With its elegant curved drawers, the Winchester Reclaimed Wood collection of chest of drawers is fresh, modern and effortlessly rustic, with absolutely no rough around the edges. Go large or go tall with a choice of three sizes.


Large wooden chest of drawers, close up of reclaimed wood and medium chest of drawers

3. The Wardrobe

A well designed bedroom should always include a double wardrobe and for a calming rustic style, it should be a reclaimed wooden wardrobe. But this large piece of furniture can sometimes be guilty of dominating your modern rustic scheme. 


4. The Bedside Table

Believe it or not, bedside tables are one of the first things you notice when you walk into a bedroom. Yes, the bed is an important part, but the right bedside table can balance out the decor in our bedroom. If your modern rustic bedroom is going to become the calming retreat you desire, you’re going to need somewhere to put your relaxing herbal tea, favourite book and reading lamp. We love the three curved drawers and smart pull-out tray feature of the Winchester Reclaimed Wood Nightstand – perfect for lazy Sunday mornings or an afternoon lie down.

Reclaimed wood bedside table with pull out drawer and grey spot lamp


5. The Blanket Box

And finally, the finishing touch to a calming modern rustic bedroom is a wooden chest to store your riches, and we can guarantee you will be sure to treasure the Winchester Reclaimed Blanket Chest. Useful for so much more than storing linens, this versatile little gem has been beautifully handcrafted from 100% reclaimed wood and features a curved lid design for a fairy tale treasure chest look.

Wooden blanket chest in front of reclaimed wood bed

Dress your rustic bedroom with natural fabrics and a neutral colour palette and it will ooze zen-like calm. What else would you add to make it your natural haven?