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How do I choose chairs for a rustic kitchen?

How do I choose chairs for a rustic kitchen?

As the heart of the home, you want to make sure you get the right look and style for your kitchen, and that key additions such as dining chairs are functional too. When it comes to the rustic style kitchen, with reclaimed wood furniture what are your options when it comes to dining chairs?

Do chairs have to match the dining table?

There is an assumption that dining chairs must match the table and match each other. Beautifully balanced, four, six or even eight wooden dining chairs that match and clearly sit well with the reclaimed wood table is ideal in the rustic kitchen. Dining table and chair sets are a worthy investment and perfection for if you want a refined edge to the rustic dining table and chairs.

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs in Kitchen

But there is no rule book that says you have to have matching dining chairs. And if there is one style that enjoys this switching up in temp and style, it is the rustic kitchen.

You could go for an all-out-complete-mis-match look – it works when there is a heavy hint of quirkiness in the room – or, if you want a cohesive undertone to non-matching chairs, this is how you achieve it:

  1. Mix materials – for example, opt for four wooden dining chairs, flanked by two upholstered dining chairs at either end of the reclaimed wood dining table but keep the styles the same. Opt for unfussy materials but one that has elegance, such as faux leather dining chairs, perfect for giving the rustic dining room table an uplift.

  2. Same style but with refinements – this is commonly seen with four or six wooden dining chairs without armrest but the chairs at either end of the dining table would have armrests and a taller back.

  3. Dining bench and chairs – the other option (and it’s one we love for the rustic kitchen) is a beautiful rustic dining table flanked by dining benches on each of its long sides and two beautiful upholstered dining chairs at either end.

    Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table in KitchenOn a side note on rustic dining tables and upholstered chairs, choose neutral colours and shades to stay true to the rustic style. Brown leather dining chairs or tan faux leather dining chairs are ideal partners to such a table.

    How wide should dining chairs be?

    There is nothing worse than the feeling of being ‘perched’ at a table. Dining chairs need to be functional and comfortable – and that means getting the correct sizing for the space you have available.

    Worcester Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs in Rustic Kitchen

    A wooden dining chair (or event an upholstered one) that is as wide as it is deep makes for an incredibly comfortable seat. For example, the beautifully simple Worcester wooden dining chair is 47cm in width and just over 50cm in depth. With 15 centimetres minimum between diners, you’ll have a beautifully proportioned rustic dining table in your kitchen.

    Your choice of rustic dining chair

    Essentially, what drives this important decision is your own likes and dislikes (as much as your budget!). Wooden dining chairs are a dream to take care of and perfect for a home with children and/or pets. Upholstered and leather dining chairs add a streak of elegance to your rustic dining table. So which would you choose?

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