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How do you prefer your door handles: in brass or silver?

How do you prefer your door handles: in brass or silver?

Display Unit with Brass HandlesDisplay Unit with Silver Handles

We asked, and you answered. Like some of our other polls on Houzz and Instagram, there was a clear winner on one, but a difference of opinion between fans on another page. It was a tricky question too, we thought – which handle finish do you prefer, the timeless elegance of brass or the chic of silver?

We gave you two amazing pieces to look at too – a display cabinet with painted frame and brass handles, and a large display unit, complete with silver handles.

Which do you think came out on top?

Silver Handles

On Instagram, the majority of people voted for silver handles, with around half of those that expressed an opinion opted for brass.

Victoria Distressed White Glass Display Cabinet

Silver effect finishes are an option that has been around for some time, with some trends demanding a matte silver finish, whilst other design trends championed the polished, sparkling silver look. Either way, it brings a dash of modern detailing to a room and the items within it.

A glass display cabinet with darker, pewter or silver-plated handles is perfect for so many interior design schemes, especially a modern-looking finish. And it is worth paying attention to these small details. They may not be immediately obvious but mis-matching handles on a display unit or wooden sideboards can stand out – for all the wrong reasons.

The Scandinavian style seamlessly blends warmth, character and natural materials. It is an understated interior design scheme and one that is becoming more popular in recent years. Brass fitting and detailing would be too heavy and cumbersome in this kind of scheme, too out of character and not in keeping with the seamless marriage between the different materials in the space.

Brass Handles

On Houzz, the must-have handle choice was, without any shadow of a doubt, brass. And it is no wonder…

Kingbridge Large Glass Display Cabinet

  • The surprise accessory trend

Trends come and go but there was one that caught by surprise and that was the growing popularity of brass accessories. But in some ways, we shouldn’t have been surprised. With earthy tones and colours being the mainstay colours for the last year or so, brass was perfect against the darker shades of earth green and midnight blue. Great for the traditional appeal and interior design schemes, brass seems to have shed its ‘old-fashioned’ tag as remains the must-have finish for everything from handles to candelabra.

  • The farmhouse appeal

An interior design scheme growing fast in popularity is the farmhouse style. Similar in its appeal to the rustic scheme, the farmhouse look has a slightly more refined edge to its finish and this means that the detailing of brass handles – ornate or slimline – is a welcome addition to the living room or the dining room (or anywhere in the home). From the half-moon brass handles on wooden sideboards to ornate brass knobs on farmhouse furniture, there is a beauty to brass that is certainly not lost on our Instagram followers. With the farmhouse kitchen table at its heart, this is a scheme that is simple to replicate and enjoy in your home – and be warned: the smaller details give it the edge!

Whatever your choice of finish, we’re sure to have something to suit you – whether it’s brass or silver handles you prefer!

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