How to add charming farmhouse style to the living room

Wool and Leather Wingback Armchair

The ‘farmhouse’ decor style is perfect for decorating living rooms – full of character, cosy and warming, it perfectly combines classic shapes and tones with imperfections (often associated with the highly contemporary industrial style) for a surprisingly stylish overall appearance.

Originally, farmhouses were decorated with whatever was practical. That means whilst style is important, nothing should be too delicate or showy – it’s a style which is functional first.

So make sure to think about the items, or farmhouse furniture, that you need to make your living space work for you. Do you need a reclaimed wood coffee table providing space for books and games, for example? Or perhaps something which provides tonnes of storage – like a sideboard?

With farmhouses traditionally being practical, consisting of whatever could be found, matchy-matchy style isn’t really something which is associated with farmhouse style – in fact, that’s part of the charm. Opting for furniture which looks great together but doesn’t necessarily perfectly coordinate is exactly the look you should aim for with farmhouse style.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

For example, the wooden table top on this farmhouse coffee table looks wonderfully chic paired with this light wooden ladder, whilst not matching exactly. Speaking of adding a wooden ladder – they are fantastic decorative pieces for a farmhouse living room, reminiscent of the traditional orchard ladder which may have been used to pick apples, whilst doubling up as a space to pop cosy blankets.

Small Hambledon Raw Oak Towel Ladder

Beyond functionality, think about how you can add texture to your living room. A large beige rug is great for many reasons.

Louis de Poortere Vintage Patchwork Ghent Beige Rug

In open plan spaces, a floor rug will section out your room to create a cosier feel in your living room. But it also adds interest and a pop of colour or texture – perfect against the sometimes harsh-looking wooden floors.

Adele Grey Upholstered Armchair

Fabric armchairs are also great. This simple grey studded armchair offers timeless style with a highly contemporary twist which you’ll love for years to come. Pair with something slightly different to maintain the imperfectly-perfect style of farmhouse style like a fabric and leather Chesterfield sofa.

Chester Club Wool and Leather Sofa

And what about your walls and flooring? There are plenty of options, depending on how much inspiration you wish to take from farmhouse decor. However, a popular trend at the moment is painting floorboards bright wight. White floorboards create a great contrast against wooden furniture and also really help to brighten up a space and keep it feeling airy.

Have you got any reclaimed wood furniture pieces already in your living room which would be absolutely perfect for creating a farmhouse inspired space?