Practical styling tips for your beautiful reclaimed TV stand

Kingsbridge Reclaimed Wood TV Unit

Love it or hate it, there are times when the TV pulls the family together. From watching the latest must-view box set to enjoying a blockbuster film, there is no need for the TV to be bland and dull. In fact, with these reclaimed wood TV storage units, you have options for bringing yet more sublime beauty to a room.

Rustic drama

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Characterised by the less refine working of the wood, there is a rawness to rustic reclaimed furniture pieces that we find attractive. But when overdone, it can look coarse. As a result, sliding in elegant pieces allows the star pieces to shine. The rustic charm of this TV unit is not lost against the elegance of the beautiful cream, buttoned sofa.

And so let’s begin our journey through our three favourite TV stands with the rustic style and this excellent example of a reclaimed wood TV storage unit from the Kensington Collection. Simple but with a definite rustic edge, the Kensington reclaimed wood coffee table is the perfect match.

Add refinement and elegance with a cream buttoned velvet sofa with its curves and sumptuousness. Pull the whole look together with the Louis de Poortere Salt and Pepper rug, complete with a faded traditional design.

Effortless with a hint of the dramatic, this rustic styled set will be perfect for any home.

Industrial delight

Brown Cerato Leather Sofa

If there is one style that is perfect for every home, it must surely be the heady combination of materials, finishes and colours that make up the industrial look. If you don’t want the TV to be the dominant addition in the living room, the thing to do is to offset its size and impact with the furniture. In other words, people notice the beauty of this industrial TV stand and the piece surrounding it, rather than the tech.

The sparsity brings a certain appeal and for the TV unit, this slimline TV storage unit is ideal for anyone seeking industrial furniture delight. Again, emphasis harmony in the space by using an industrial coffee table to create an interaction between one piece and another. Ring the changes, however, to stop the matchy-matchy look by using a different shape. The nest of round coffee tables is perfect, don’t you think?

The comfort of the brown leather sofa is highlighted by the beauty of the faded beige rug underfoot.

Contemporary chic

Brown Cerato Leather Sofa and Coffee Table

Combining elements of contemporary with traditions gives a warm finish to the living room. The slight rustic edge to this two-drawer reclaimed wood TV unit is ideal for when you have smaller items you want to hide away. Drawer space is handy, after all, for stopping the remote from wandering down the back of the sofa…

Maintain the warm tones of the wood with the Chesterfield brown leather sofa complete with matching leather coffee-table-cum-footstool.

Patterned rugs bring a welcome infusion of colour. The cooler blue tones in the rug are the perfect foil against the warm tones introduced thus far.

Reclaimed wood furniture in any guise is a sheer delight but we think when used as the tech-centre in a room, it takes on even more beauty. Do you agree?