How to avoid the twee trap! Tips for a pretty farmhouse bedroom

Wooden double bed with matching bedside table with white vase and flowers

Wooden bed and bedside table with white vase and flowers

The farmhouse style is deliciously romantic, and one that is familiar and comforting. But there can be a problem with it – adding floral patterns risk tipping it from pretty to twee. If this is something you want to avoid, embrace the modern farmhouse style with its natural hues, wood accents and reclaimed wood furniture with both romance and cleanliness. Here’s how…

Ditch the floral patterns

No matter how tempted you are, ditch the busy type of floral patterns. There is a fine line between the vintage farmhouse look and the style tipping over into ‘twee’. You may be tempted by ditzy floral prints or even bold flora and faunas patterns against the rustic furniture but unless you can incorporate them confidently in the scheme, best stay away from them.

Steer clear of matchy-matchy

Whilst still on the subject of patterns, it is worth mentioning the need to steer clear of matchy-matchy. This is where everything is so perfectly balanced and cohesive that it somehow lacks the character that the farmhouse furniture style is all about.

That doesn’t mean you can’t choose bedroom furniture from the same range, however. The Onslow Reclaimed Wood Bed frame, for example, nestles nicely alongside chest of drawers and wardrobes from the same range but make sure you have plenty of texture and accessories to the room to lift it from ‘show home perfection’ to ‘lived in heaven’.

Add luxury with cushions, rugs and throws

If you love a sumptuous looking wooden double bed full of plump cushions and warm throws then this is the style for your bedroom. Rustic furniture boasts a warmth all of its own and when you combine this with bedroom rugs, cushions and throws, you have the sumptuous backdrop you crave but…

… don’t go overboard with the accessories

White reclaimed wood bedroom furniture, including bed and wood blanket box

There is a fine line between adding extra details and swamping the room. Choose well and the items will do all the work themselves. Leave ‘fluff’ behind, opting for short pile bedroom rugs and linen textures for cushions as well as wool throws on your luxury bedding.

Add modern accents

The farmhouse bedroom style retains its comforting link with the past but by adding modern touches, you create a pleasing blend in the room. For example, alongside a traditional wooden blanket box nestling at the foot of your king size wooden bed frame, you could add a modern floor lamp. Or, on the bedside tables add a recycled glass table lamp and for the central light, consider a pendant light with wicker shade.

Keep the colour scheme restful

The idea behind any stylish additions to the bedroom is to create a restful where the energy of the day melts away so that sleep is restful and rejuvenating. The farmhouse bedroom style is perfect in so many ways because if it does one thing, it oozes comfort and relaxation.

Maintaining a restful colour scheme also allows the oak bed and bedroom furniture to shimmer, casting the warm glow of wood around the space. There is nothing more pleasing than the sight of wood in a room, especially one where you want to relax. And without a floral pattern in sight, this scheme is big on farmhouse and far from twee.