6 ways to give your bedroom an industrial makeover

Bedroom with exposed brick wall and pink pillows

Double bed with blush pink covers against an exposed brick wall

Exuding calmness and coolness, an industrial style bedroom is a vista to behold. Despite its utilitarian look, it encapsulates everything you need in the bedroom to make it both the restful space you yearn for at the end of the day and the ideal place to prepare for yet another busy day in the morning. Injecting the industrial furniture vibe in your bedroom is simple with these easy tips…

1. Don’t be too perfect

Neat, clean lines with a manicured finish have their place, however in the industrial bedroom be prepared to embrace the less-than-perfect but still stylish look.

That means welcoming exposed brick as well as not-so-smooth plaster, along with other materials that have a pleasing appeal to them. For example, reclaimed wood bedroom furniture with its small and barely noticeable scuffs and dents is ideal.

From a small bedside table to a reclaimed wood bed frame, use reclaimed furniture in the bedroom against a backdrop that retains an empathy with the building itself. Solid wood wardrobes would work perfectly in this type of space.

Reclaimed wood bed against white brick wall

2. Add soft textures

The industrial look doesn’t have to be sharp and angular, although many still believe this is the only way for the industrial style to be.

Soften the edges with beautiful throws for the bed along with scatter cushions that give it a sumptuous air. And for the floor, a rug for the bedside that frames both the bed and small bedside table is ideal for warmth underfoot. Choose a lightly patterned rug for the industrial bedroom, and one that has a pop of understated colour to it too.

3. Layer the lighting

Like any room of any design, the industrial style bedroom needs layers of light so that you have both practical lighting, but also softer lighting for morning and evening.

But think about their styling too. Opt for bare lightbulbs – there are light fittings, both pendant lights and bedside table lamps, designed specifically for the industrial look in mind.

If you do opt for shades, keep them minimal and unpretentious. Glass works well to diffuse the light around the room, with recycled glass also making a great lamp base too. There are also sustainably sourced woodchip pendant lights, perfect for adding an interesting touch to the lighting scheme in any room.

Glass table lamp with dark shade and woodchip hanging lights

4. Add personal touches

The key, so they say, to a happy home is to have personal things around you that make you smile. This includes photographs of loved ones, your pets as well as accessories and other items that hold important memories for you.

In the industrial style bedroom, cluster photographs and important items on a reclaimed console table. Opt for one with drawers and you have the perfect small dressing table.

5. Choose colours wisely

For the industrial style bedroom, you want colours that are synonymous with the look – get it wrong, and they’ll jar against each other. White will get you out of trouble but if you feel you need colour, opt for light, barely-there shades such as blue. If blue’s not for you, cream or beige are both colour touches that are calming and restful for the bedroom, but also ideal to use with the industrial style.

6. Add a plant or two…

… or even flowers. The industrial bedroom should, like all bedrooms, be quiet, restful and peaceful. Adding a plant or two next to your rustic furniture brings together the room into one cohesive, restful space.

White four poster bed with green plants and industrial bookcase