How To Look After Beautiful Fabric Dining Chairs

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It’s important to take your time choosing your fabric dining chairs. You should consider the colour, the texture and how they work in the style of your dining space to make sure you pick the perfect set that effortlessly complement your reclaimed wood dining table.

grey upholstered dining chairs with buttoned back

As beautiful and durable as upholstered dining chairs are, they will most likely show some signs of everyday use over time. Of course, if you have a young family, that day may come sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, stains and marks, even if they are just small, will be increasingly noticeable, if only to you! We can share a few insider tips on how to keep your fabric dining chairs in tip-top condition!

First of all, it depends on the fabric….different treatments are needed for different fabrics.

How to care for all fabric dining chairs

Vacuum your chairs

Vacuuming regularly will stop dust and food particles from getting ground in between the fibres of the fabric. We recommend regularly lightly vacuuming using the upholstery attachment, but take care not to snag the fabric of the chair.

Move the chairs around

It is a good idea to rotate your chairs around your dining table. There are two good reasons for this, one, the amount of light they are exposed to can vary in different parts of the room, even if they are not in direct sunlight and two, we are creatures of habit and tend to sit in the same spot around the table. These will obviously show signs of wear quicker than chairs that are not used as frequently.

Give your chairs some fresh air!

Open the windows from time-to-time to let in some fresh air. This will help disperse the build-up of any smells that get trapped in between the fibres of your chairs.

blue velvet dining chairs with polished silver legs

How to care for velvet dining chairs

A velvet dining chair is a thing of beauty, you will find velvet covering on a huge array of designs from striking modern chairs all the way through to traditional and formal high back dining chairs. The sumptuous luxurious fabric is a beautiful contrast to the rugged texture and look of a reclaimed wood dining table.


No matter how careful you, your family and guests are little accidents will happen. The best way to treat these is to spot clean them with a water-free solvent – it’s best done as soon as possible. Keep some close by in a wooden sideboard or console table. You can buy spot cleaner in many dry cleaners. As with most preparations please always test some before use on a small unseen patch of the velvet.

A soft-bristled toothbrush

This can be used to spot clean your chairs. A velvet brush is also a great investment you can gently vacuum your chairs and then brush the nap in one direction to keep them looking perfect.

Stubborn stains

These are difficult to treat yourself. If you have ground-in stains on your chairs, that are harder to remove, we suggest consulting a dry clean specialist to help.

cream fabric dining chairs with reclaimed wood table

How to care for linen dining chairs

Linen is a woven, very durable, fabric that will bring a modern touch to your dining room and, even better, it is super easy to clean.

Upholstery shampoo

This is the perfect thing to clean linen dining chairs with. Again always test before on a hidden area, before using fully and as always, try to clean up spillages as soon as possible. A good hint for using this is to not use too much and get the fabric too wet.

Dry cleaning

Whether the chairs have marks or stains on them or not, having them professional cleaned is something that can be done periodically to prolong the life of the fabric. It’s best to get the whole set done at the same time just in case the colour lifts slightly.