How to choose the perfect wooden dining table

Kensington reclaimed wood dining table

Your dining table and chairs are substantial pieces of furniture. You should choose your wooden dining table with care, thinking about how it will need to adapt in the future, but you’ll also know only too well what you like the look of – so it’s essential to strike a balance between great design and versatile functionality. Here we bring you some tips on what to consider when purchasing your dining table.

The Shape of your wooden dining table

A round dining table or a rectangular table are the two most favored options, but which will work best for you? A small round dining table works well when space is limited as with a little squeezing, you can seat a fair few diners around your table without encroaching on too much space. This rectangular oak wooden dining table and chairs is also ideal for when you want a streamlined, minimal look but without compromising on quality.

Which comes first, the table or the chairs?

Some people prefer to purchase wooden dining room table sets, whereby the table and chairs match perfectly. But, if you want to make a statement, choosing chairs and a dining table separately could be the answer.

Making the wooden dining table the centrepiece of your dining room

There is nothing quite as attractive as a grandiose dining table. No matter what your style, a fantastic dining table really packs a punch. This exquisite example of a reclaimed wood dining table is the perfect example. The distressed look of the wood, full of history and character, works well with the modern gloss of the metal frame. Even the sumptuous upholstered dining chairs cannot detract from its beauty.

Making the chairs the stars of the show

Dining chairs can really add va-va-voom to a dining room. There are almost unlimited options when it comes to upholstered dining chairs, with all shades of colours, as well as a choice between fabric and leather.

Of course, fabric dining chairs don’t work for everybody. A great option are wooden dining chairs. Equally as elegant, wooden chairs are easy to keep clean and suit a range of styles, from farmhouse to rustic

Most of our dining chairs are customisable too, so you can create something truly unique for your home that diners will admire.

Choose your style

Of course, a large factor in your choice of wooden dining table and chairs is your style.

This oak farmhouse table works well in a dining room or kitchen space where you want the pleasing feel of the farmhouse style.

Likewise, opting for the rustic dining table or the industrial dining table style is ideal in a busy home where you don’t want to compromise practicality and function for style.

Adding details

The ‘how and why’ of your wooden dining table are also important considerations.

For example, if you regularly host family dinners and extensive gatherings, an extending dining table with chairs make perfect sense.

But we think that dining furniture is a great way of adding detail without overpowering the space. The legs of the dining table are often forgotten in terms of design which is why we have added details to ours…This reclaimed wood round dining table with the circular, art deco-esque leg adds a wow factor to any dining space. If you want detail but without too much fuss, this rectangular dining table with robust legs is one choice. The circular elements add the right level of detail. And there is something pleasingly ‘chunky’ and firm about the end-of-table column legs on this farmhouse table.

Many pieces in our dining furniture ranges can be customised to suit, giving you even more scope on creating a wooden dining table and chairs that you will love for a long, long time to come.