How to choose your perfect industrial style coffee table

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The industrial style is as popular as ever, and more people than ever are bringing elements of it into their home. The coffee table is a versatile piece of bespoke furniture in any home but when it comes to choosing an industrial inspired piece, it isn’t always easy to know what works and what doesn’t.

Industrial style elements

To choose a piece that complements the industrial look, you need to remember the key elements – natural materials, mixed with those found in a traditionally industrial setting. Think metal with reclaimed wood. Think sparse and simple but full of character. Think unpretentious textures and materials, such as the coolness of leather. Think no fuss, no clutter, no fluff.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t have glamour…

Think uplift to an industrial styled living room

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The polished, cross framework legs of the industrial reclaimed wood coffee table from the Luxe Kensington range offers a little ‘something extra’. Not a million miles away from the clean, almost minimal look of this popular style, you can opt for extra glamour with a glass top finish too.

Think outside of the box

Square or rectangular pieces may have pleasing lines and angles, but too many without a break soon tips from a cohesive style to a room into everything being too ‘matchy-matchy’. This oval industrial coffee table with it rather delicious trumpet column leg breaks the monotony.

Oxford Oval Coffee Table

Think refinement in the coffee table stakes

Reclaimed wood is a mainstay of the industrial style, but this doesn’t mean it has to be rough to the touch or rough sawn. You can opt for refined wood without compromising on reclaimed or the industrial style.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The Oldman range can always be relied upon to deliver the results you want and this coffee table with storage in the shape of an open shelf is a delight.

For hidden away storage, the two drawers in this industrial coffee table are a lifesaver when unexpected guests arrive and you have to clear up quickly, as is its smooth reclaimed wood surface complete with metal framework.

Think of something completely different

Aviator Industrial Coffee Table

Throwing a curve ball into any style is a fantastic way of adding detail and a talking point. We’ve long loved the Aviator range – as you do! – so no wonder the high-polish of the Aviator coffee table goes down a treat with industrial style fans. The highly reflective nature of this piece is perfect for matching with darker leather furniture pieces.

Think bestseller

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

There are pieces that fly out the door as fast as we can get hold of them and there’s usually a good reason for it. The industrial coffee table from the Standford range is always a very firm favourite. It has a pleasing edge to it that means it fits into any room, from the living room to an occasional piece in the dining room.

Think wheels

Hyatt Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Industrial style furniture doesn’t mean it has to serious and overly angular. You can have fun with this style and we think the Hyatt coffee table on wheels is the perfectly functional, yet slightly-whimsical piece that is not a million miles away from the industrial look that we all know and love.

With all these options for industrial coffee tables, we’re sure there’s one in the range for you – which one will it be?