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How to create a welcoming entrance (even if you don't have a hallway)

How to create a welcoming entrance (even if you don't have a hallway)

House Door with Windows

With the New Year on the doorstep, your mind will no doubt turn to what changes and improvements you will make in your home this year.

Often under-styled through no fault of its own, the entrance can be bereft of accessories and detail, probably because it is a part of the home through which we pass, rather than linger. And yet, when it comes to welcoming and impressing guests, it is often unable to make the first impression that you want it to.

And so, as the clocks chime in the coming year, why not make it your mission to create an entrance that is practical, functional but full of stylish details that create a wow factor?

Colour and Pattern

Creating a welcoming atmosphere comes down to many factors combining seamlessly together and a great place to start is by introducing colour and pattern into the hallway. We are yet to have the official Pantone colour 2018 but they have released details of some great colour schemes.

House Door Green

Choose strong colours and tones, such as a bright canary yellow for a sunny disposition in the hallway. For muted colours, choose tones with a maritime or coastal feel, such as sandy beige or misty grey.

As for patterned wallpaper, 2018 promises to be a great year for modern geometric prints. Or, if you want to welcome nature into your home, well-known brands are creating fabulous tree designs.


Leaving your walls blank can sometimes make a hallway feel bland and empty but too much can clutter a space, especially a smaller hallway. Choose artwork and hang it carefully.

Capella Round Wall Mirror

As well as a hallway mirror to maximise light, choose wall artwork that packs a punch. Bold artwork, especially those that encompass the beauty of nature, works well in a neutrally decorated hallway as they do with nature-inspired patterned wallpaper.

Hallway Furniture

Decluttering the hallway is a great start to creating a welcoming space but getting rid of all the furniture can lead to storage problems.

Hallway lights, such as standard lamps, are a great way of adding a soft glow to the space and work well with reclaimed wood furniture – suitably robust for such a busy space – such as slimline console tables.

Clockhouse Bench

A fantastic versatile addition to the hallway is a bench. Perfect for sitting to pull shoes and boots on and off, they make a great impromptu storage solution for backs and coats too. In winter, add texture and warmth by throwing a sheepskin rug on it.


If you want a little more detailing to the hallway, then changing accessories to fit the seasons is an ideal way of creating the warm embrace that your guests have come to expect when they visit your home.

Winter hallway decorating ideas means bringing in the best that the season has to offer. Those gnarled bare branches make great ‘trees’ for hanging baubles and on, as well as draping over twinkling lights. Spray with glitter paint to add even more sparkle.

Pine cones add detail too, as well as a display of evergreen leaves, including dark green holly with its bright red berries. As spring arrives, change the nature accessories for scented spring flowers and so on.

With only a few adjustments and additions, the entrance to your home will be welcoming and sensational.



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