Predictions of the year for interior design styles

Colour Predictions

Colour Predictions from Modish Living

If you love interior design like we do, you will probably be wondering what 2018 has in store in terms of trends, as well as which trends from 2017 will still be appealing in the coming year too…

Colour in the Kitchen

If you love colour, you will like the idea of adding bolder colours to the kitchen. However, for those of us who find the industrial style beautiful and practical, you may have the shivers.

Kitchen Bar Stools

But there is good news: colour in the kitchen is not about adding coloured doors and worktops but adding colour to walls. And even then, the favourites are muted greys, perfect for sitting alongside your industrial style furniture in the kitchen.

We predict…

… that muted colours such as greys and blues will stay with us for most of 2018. In complete contrast, the Pantone Colour of the Year is a rich, evocative Ultra Violet, perfect we think for the occasional bold, contrasting statement.

Vintage Lighting

Designers are bringing through new trends that will sit so well within the landscape of an industrial styled home. Lighting confirms the ambience of a room and, so we think that the desire for vintage lighting is perfect. Any scheme should have the odd surprise or two so why not contrast vintage with the angular, newer industrial style?

Embla Gold Floor and Table Lamps

Think vintage, think brass but if you can’t quite see your way to trailing around vintage shops and markets, opt for ‘modern vintage’ such as the Embla floor lamp, its rich, warm gold tones adding depth and detail.

We predict…

… customers will become even more adventurous in their choice of lighting and materials.

Shiplap tiling is staying…

… but there is also a trend coming through called ‘millwork’ tiling. Think hexagonal and ‘wireframes’ patterns for tiling, a great alternative, we think to shiplap which doesn’t always sit easily alongside the industrial style.

Create a feature wall of hexagonal tiles in the kitchen or be daring with the bathroom floor.

We predict…

… shiplap tiles won’t be hanging around once we see the amazing results of hexagonally shaped tiling.

Hudson Living Ohio Cube Coffee Table

Other predictions in brief:

  • Metallics will be a must. A framework pendant light would add detail to an industrial living room.
  • Concrete is the new must-have material, pushing granite and marble aside. Pattern it, stamp it and polish it, concrete is brilliant as flooring and worktop solutions.
  • The fireplace is back! If you are lucky to be gifted a fireplace, bring it back at the focal point of the room. Whether it is casting a warm glow in the dining room next to your fabric dining chairs and statement table or a non-working feature in the bedroom, make it the star of the show for 2018 at least!
  • Art is nature inspired. If you are looking to add canvas art prints to your industrial themed home, the on-trend art subject is the natural world, specifically plants. Perfect for adding a little greenery and softening the angles, nature easily sits within the industrial style.

What trends do you want to stay for the coming year?