How to create a white living room in farmhouse style

White Sofa in Farmhouse Living Room

Crisp and yet warm. Practical and functional, yet full of comfort and detail. Creating a white or neutral coloured living room with reclaimed wood furniture takes consideration and thought. And yet, with no more than a few simple hints and tips, you can bring this white living room farmhouse style to your home.

White Living Room in Farmhouse Style

Starting with a neutral base is essential and that means choosing a warm white for the walls and ceiling. Opt for one that has a creamier base to it because white paint described as bright will have a blue tinge to it, leaving too clinical a feel in a room that demands comfort. Also, opt for matt paint, leaving the glossy finish to another room for now.

If you are wincing at an all-white 3 seater sofa, there are other solutions. Plenty of white throws that can be laundered or even opt for a grey sofa would work too, especially with a white coffee table. For a farmhouse styled room, tones of brown and tan would lift it thus a three seater sofa in brown Harris Tweed would be a delightful addition.

A rattan armchair or two are a delight in any space – and not just the conservatory – but when it comes to the farmhouse style, this textured and natural material fits right in. Soften the edges with cushions and throws.

White Wash Rattan Armchair

Don’t forget the ‘framing’ needed in a room, something that is provided in this all-white living room with the coffee table framing the sofa. Choose one that is not overly large for the room and certainly no bigger than your chosen sofa. Mixing white pained furniture with bare wood is ideal in an all-white landscape and thus our choice of coffee table would work well.

For balance, a side table on either side of the sofa brings the harmony the room needs in the form of detailing but without clutter. Notice how they do this with plants too, creating the corners of a square with those on the side table and then one the wall shelving above.

In fact, the artwork and shelving bring the eye up the wall, giving the room height. As well as wall shelving, you could consider the rustic charms of a ladder bookcase for the same effect.

Ladder Oak Bookcase

And underpinning this all is a wood floor – keep it as wood, don’t paint it or it will become too matchy-matchy – but introduce texture with neutral toned flat weave rug.

Louis de Poortere Fading World Salt and Pepper Rug

And finally, add hints of detail sparingly, something that is done with the layers of cushions and throws, but also the brass-coloured lamps. When daylight fades, these lamps will add the warm glow and atmosphere the living room needs.

The lack of colour doesn’t leave the room stark but if you need to add some, then do so sparingly. We love the checked light blue cushion on the rattan armchairs. Even if there is just two, they do the job of bringing a hint of detail.

Is the all-white living room farmhouse style something you can see yourself embracing?