How to create a stylish white farmhouse dining room

Hoxton Oak Dining Table with White Leg

White is a practical colour. And yes, it can be used in a family home and yet so many of us stay away from using ‘too much white’ for fear of clinical blandness. But it can be a mix of both cleanliness and warmth, more so when a white room is style and accessorised in the right way. Just how can you bring a white dining room together?

1 Choose the right white wall paint

Surely there is only one white?! Actually, there isn’t. There is white, crisp white with a bluer base that brings a crisp finish to white painted walls and there are warmer shades of white, which usually have a creamier, beige base that still brings fresh appeal but without being too stark.

2 Take care with adding other white elements

Choosing the right furniture for a white dining room is key to success and although it can be tempting to choose all white dining room furniture, you may find you end up with a room that looks unfinished.

Hoxton Oak Farmhouse Dining Table

Opt for reclaimed wood furniture that retains bare wood and white painted elements to it. The grandeur of an oak dining table wouldn’t be lost in the white farmhouse dining room nor this large sideboard with bare wood top.

Savannah Large Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

3 Add a little colour

Take care with adding colour. Such a beautiful and neutral backdrop turns the mellowest of shades into bright ones. But having said that, if you are adding colour, be bold in your choice.

Cross Back Wooden Dining Chair

From yellow leather armchairs in a white room to black, wooden dining chairs alongside a 6 seater dining table, the secret is to add one colour and add it well so it doesn’t look an afterthought.

4 Warmth and depth with texture

The other downfall of an all-white dining room is that is can look flat. With the right furniture – the mix of painted white and bare wood – the room starts to lift but different textured materials and fabrics will lift it further.

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Black on White Rug

Oversized patterned rugs would work wonders but don’t be tempted to opt for colour unless you are bringing in a strong colour streak to the room. For example, if we used the black wooden chairs in this space, we would add a white rug with black patterning to support the colour but bring texture to it.

5 Sympathetic and evocative lighting solutions

A white room can feel airy and gigantic, or it can feel cold and empty. If you are still struggling to bring the sense of warmth to the room that you want, there are two solutions, both of which work together and on their own: plants and lighting.

Add a lush green plant, either as a table centrepiece or a taller floor plant and you bring colour and detail. Add lighting, and you add something extra.

But keep the lighting numerous in detail and don’t forget, you won’t need lumens of brightness. A statement chandelier wouldn’t go amiss. You know the kind – detailed metal work with decadent tear shaped drops with the smallest of LED bulbs to add a little extra va-va-voom.

A white farmhouse dining room with a beautiful farmhouse dining table and other farmhouse furniture is a practical style for many homes. Is it right for yours?