How to create the farmhouse bedroom

Maintaining a rustic feel, the farmhouse style is the epitome of comfort and refinement. It is an adaptable interior design style too, possibly one of the reasons why may opt for it as the style across their home.

It doesn’t take much to update it either. Throwing in a modern accessory or rug won’t harm the overall look. For the bedroom, this ideal where sometimes you want to switch up or down the finish with the seasons.

The Bed

Against a backdrop of natural colours, exposed beams and a stunning feature fireplace if you have one, opt for white wooden furniture to lift the room into a stunning dimension of the farmhouse style.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bed

The white king size reclaimed wood bed from our Dorset Collection is the lynchpin of this farmhouse bedroom. The sleigh shape lends curves and informality to the space but still attracting the eye as the centrepiece of the room.

Bedroom Storage

Using white bedroom furniture in the room brings a sense of cohesion but avoid the overly matched, show home look – something that the farmhouse furniture look is definitely not about! – is this large chest of drawers from the Savannah Collection.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Large Chest of Drawers

Functional and practical with plenty of storage, the contrast between the white body of the chest of drawers and the ‘exposed’ wooden top is enough of a hint of change in the matching of the bed and the rest of the wooden furniture, but without too much of a departure from the style itself.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

Exposed wood is key to the farmhouse look and the rustic charm and appeal of a wooden blanket box is the ideal storage partner in the bedroom too. Made from reclaimed wood, there is a romantic appeal to this simple, yet elegant wooden chest.

Better still, it is a piece that works well in any room so when the living room needs some extra storage or you want to bring farmhouse charm to the hallway, this versatile piece will look right at home in a new location.


We started by saying that the attraction of this style in any room is that the farmhouse look absorbs and welcomes modern twists and exotic additions.

And that’s why we’ve included this beautifully ornate contemporary wall mirror. Its muted and aged bronze tones add a hint of luxury to this popular style. It certainly doesn’t look out of place placed in a room awash with reclaimed wood furniture with refreshing white wood.

Sassa Table Lamp

Texture lifts any design scheme and for the farmhouse style bedroom, you can add yet more texture in the form of this beautiful natural wicker table lamp. We tend to add lamps in pairs in the bedroom – one on either side of the bed – but add a third on the dressing table or the chest of drawers for a soft, illuminating glow throughout the room.

As for the floor, most people stay true to the farmhouse style, opting for exposed wooden floorboards. Carpet can work – just keep the tones neutral and the texture a short pile.

Adding a rug is almost an essential accessory and again, ringing the changes with a cream rug complete with barely-there chevron design adds a flavour of the modern without imposing or detracting from the overall look.

What would you add to your farmhouse style bedroom?

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  • Monica Kokhuis

    Seen in Happy Healthy Home (attached to Period Living october 2019)I noticed Reclaimed Wood aspirations !Good development!Interested in your chesters in the sleeping room …Can you give me details?

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