How to create the red thread in your home

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Have you heard of the red thread? No, we’re not talking about a new movie or Netflix series, but the holy grail of successful interior design! The red thread, also known as the throughline, is an essential guide interior designers follow to achieve cohesion and consistency in the home by binding living spaces together. The trend focuses on one design detail of high importance, such as colour, shape or texture, which becomes a common thread throughout your home. The good news is that many of us will do this automatically, however if you are struggling to find continuity, these tips will help you find your own unique red thread to seamlessly unify your home.

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Colour is a popular red thread used to link rooms together. Focus on finding the most prevalent colour in your home, or simply pick your favourite. This can be found within subtle hints of your decor or in statement furniture pieces. When continuing these colours throughout your home, you can also maintain the thread by using variations of the hues. For example, splashes of gold can be carried through the thread with the warm and golden tones of a rustic oak sideboard or coffee table. You’ll be pleased to know that your key colour doesn’t have to match each room’s colour palette either. You can incorporate the boldness of your classic blue velvet dining chairs within your dining room through to your sophisticated living room by using blue accents in the way of comfy cushions, throws or a rug. If you have an open-plan home, colour is considered increasingly important to bear in mind as it helps your space flow.

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You can also use primary textures as the red thread in your home. These can be shiny metals, patterned textiles or coarse and earthy reclaimed wood furniture. As an example, to create the thread within a bedroom, a king size wooden bed frame is a beautiful piece of furniture to start with. Complementing furniture, such as reclaimed bedside tables or a wooden wardrobe will create the DNA of the thread. However, make sure you pay attention to the pattern and finish of the wood. The beauty of reclaimed wood is that it’s totally unique, but the finish, knot or grain of the wood will alter the aesthetic and texture of each piece. When continuing the theme throughout your home, the nature of rustic furniture is versatile. If you have a traditional living room but a contemporary kitchen for instance, you may consider a rustic dining table or solid wood sideboard as a contrast to modern units and hi-tech appliances, creating a sense of harmony between the two spaces. To establish the thread without investing in new furniture, reclaimed wood shelves or wooden photo frames are another gorgeous and authentic additions for creating consistency.

rustic bed with matching rustic bedside table and wooden blanket box


Focusing on the shape of your furniture and decor is an interesting yet exciting way to allow your living spaces to flow. Shape is extremely powerful and can be used within your home to evoke all different kinds of feelings and impressions. Whether you embrace the popular trend for minimalist and contemporary round furniture or the bold and angular art deco feel, maintaining these shapes within each room, and not just in isolation, will help create a consistent feel and look throughout your home. If you have curved furniture, the soft outline of your sofa can be echoed within the smooth edges of a round rug or a circular and organic shaped mirror hanging on the wall to achieve a calming and fluent space. For bolder and straight-edged furniture such as a square coffee table with a linear design pattern, you can convey this theme throughout your home using geometric accessories or the sharper points within intricate line art to achieve a decadent yet harmonious home.

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