How to style a chic Easter dining table

How to style a chic Easter dining table blog

Pink and blue Easter themed dining table

Are you hosting a casual spring lunch or a formal Sunday dinner this Easter? Styling your rustic dining table can sometimes leave you short of ideas when there are so many seasonal decor trends about. Whether you prefer a minimalist spread with subtle Easter accents or a solid wood dining table that’s full of character and colour, these styling tips will help you find your theme and impress your loved ones this bank holiday.

5 Chic ways to style your dining table this Easter

1. Pretty Pastels

pastel painted eggs and natural linen cloth on rustic dining table

To achieve a fresh and joyful spread, pastels are your go-to this Easter. Think soft-hued pinks, purples, greens and yellows when styling your reclaimed wood dining table. To create the foundation, consider a light grey fabric cloth to draw attention to the pretty pastels and add a contemporary edge to the spread. Alternatively, if you have whitewash rustic furniture, white will also effortlessly complement the decor. For your centrepiece, choose dainty spring flowers such as pink and white tulip arrangements to make beautiful focal points of your spread whilst harmonising with the rest of the table. If you want to keep it minimalist, you can create a monochromatic style table using one or two pastels and by layering your plates to mix and match the different hues. For an ‘egg-citing’ touch, finish your table using pastel egg cups as candle holders or trail a pastel egg garland winding through the centre of your tabletop.

blue dinner plates and Easter decorations on wooden dining table

2. Look to Nature

Not all Easter spreads have to be sweet and conventional, you can adopt a neutral colour palette and incorporate elements of the outdoors. For a subtle take on the trend, drape faux or authentic green vines along a white table cloth runner and arrange your favourite seasonal blooms within a clear vase as the centrepiece. The detailing in the vines and exposed stems will pair perfectly with the unique markings and character of a solid oak dining table. Mount your plates upon rattan placemats and your cutlery on rumpled linen napkins to maintain this natural and raw theme. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not create your own Kokedama with an Easter twist. To make this Japanese garden art, create your own moss covered decorations using small seasonal flowers and intertwine within the vines for an earthy and untamed look. Finish with some woodland decoration including birds nests and speckled eggs to give a rugged edge.

rustic dining table with white plate and Easter decorated tablemat

hanging decorative kokedama balls

3. Sunshine Yellow

Sunny yellow oozes Spring, so why not celebrate this cheerful Easter hue when styling your Easter spread this year? For a cooler feel, consider mixing yellow with aqua blue tumblers for a coastal-style look to your table or duck egg blue embroidered napkins for more of a farmhouse feel. Fresh daffodils in blue mason jars or rustic blue watering jugs make the most beautiful centrepieces to tie this all together. You can also mix yellow with rusty or bright and bold oranges to achieve a warmer feel. Zesty Easter cakes make mouthwatering features, place on orange tiered cake stands for a centrepiece which looks as good as it tastes. To go all-out yellow this spring, our Clara dining chairs in sunset yellow with warm orange piping make the perfect fabric dining chair to elevate your table with festivity to the fullest.

daffodils and nest of painted eggs on rustic dining table

4. Vintage Charm

Vintage touches can give a magical and whimsical feel to your rustic furniture. Hand-me-down china tea sets are kitch and timeless, pair with matching or mix-and-match cutlery to create a magical and enchanting look. Alternatively, a vintage drinks cooler to chill the beverage of your choice is also a charming option. When choosing your centrepiece, think outside the box. Vintage bird cages, or old-fashioned scales topped with floral painted eggs will create a captivating Alice in Wonderland feel to your reclaimed wood dining table which is bound to spark a conversation. For the maximalists amongst you, finish the scheme with antique trinkets such as pre-loved salt and pepper shakers or grandmas condiment jars.

vintage bird cage filled with pained eggs on rustic dining table

5. Glorious Gold

If you prefer to steer away from bold and bright colours of spring, but want something sparkling, gold will add a layer of luxury to your table whilst maintaining a celebratory feel. Bring in subtle gold accents, such as details on neutral plates, napkins and placemats to evoke glamour and opulence without appearing gaudy. Glorious gold accents can also elevate your seating with goldembellished cushions or throws adding a sophisticated touch together with an element of comfort to a wooden dining bench. For your table centrepiece, opt for something a little unconventional and chic, such as multi tea light holders or for a more traditional touch, opt for serene white lilies styled in a slim and elegant gold vase.

reclaimed wood dining table with gold bunny rabbit ornament

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