How to customise a sofa you will love forever

bretby grey harris tweed and black leather sofa

Granby Leather and Wool Sofa

On one hand, it sounds a great idea – create your own contemporary sofa in your choice of style, colour and fabric. But on the other, overdone customisation leads to an item looking dated and out of place in a blink of an eye as interior design trends change.

Hence, customers tend to stick with the ‘tried and tested’. But we think people are missing out on creating something not only unique to them but with careful consideration when it comes to what and how to customise the new sofa, an item they will love forever.

With this guide, your sofa will not look out of place either.

The Shape

Birley Brown Leather Chesterfield Sofa

When it comes to sofa shape, there are various styles to choose from. From the ultra-modern to the iconic shape of the Chesterfield, choose the shape that is comfortable to use and will generally sit well with your wider interior design tastes.

HINT The more iconic the shape of the sofa, the less likely it is to look dated as trends change.

The Colour

Chester Lounge Club Wool Sofa

The real issue for many people is choosing a colour that will be subsumed across the year into the new colour schemes and changes you will make to the room in which it sits.

You want a sofa that stands out for all the right reasons but choosing a strong accent colour for the sofa can mean that you are restricted to using certain colours on the walls and soft furnishings.

You may think sticking with a brown leather sofa is not quite at the upper end of customising a sofa, but just look at the different shades and unique appearances you can create using natural fabrics, such as leather.

It can be the detail that adds the extra sense of it being different, such as the magnificence of the stud work that makes a luxury sofa to behold.

Lighter brown work well too, for adding a sense of luxury to a space, but choose the best like this uncorrected Italian leather sofa. In effect, you are allowing nature to customise your sofa as using leather means embracing the difference in one hide when compared to another.

The Materials

Bretby Leather and Harris Tweed Chesterfield Sofa

So far, we have discussed leather. Cool to the touch but with an exquisite look and a sense of luxury, it is also a practical addition to any home.

You may, however, hanker after the soft luxury and warmth of fabric but keenly aware that spilt drinks, stains and sticky fingers are not great bedfellows with fabric.

As you would expect, we have a solution across our fantastic sofa range. The ‘leather and wool’ sofa is the solution but is in no way a compromise. The batted wool exterior frames the piece perfectly and the seating benefits from all that leather offers.

Or, if fabric is your ‘thing’, this Bretby sofa comes in a range of finishes and fabrics. Again, look at the exquisite detail that frames this marvellous piece. Can you see the look of this beautiful sofa being out of date and fashion any time soon?

A mix of the new and the old, reclaimed furniture and luxury sofas are worth every penny of the investment you make. Why not take a closer look at what a customised sofa could do for your home! Browse the Sofas and Armchairs collection and choose your perfect one to customise.