How to position a rug in the bedroom

Louis de Poortere Atlantic Ocean Blue Waves Rug

Louis de Poortere Atlantic Ocean Grey Waves Rug

A rug is a great way to bring any room to life. This is especially true in a room which should feel homely and welcoming, like your living room or bedroom.

In a room with wooden floors and reclaimed furniture, a rug will create a feeling of warmth and break up the wood. But not only that, a rug will add a touch of colour and personality to a neutral space or beautifully tie together a colour scheme.

Determine the Size

The first thing to think about when purchasing a rug is the size. This generally comes down to personal preference and balance. If you have a very large bedroom, a small rug may be swallowed up and loose its impact.

In smaller bedrooms, don’t assume you need an equally small rug – the choice is yours. You could either go for a smaller rug, which may be better if you are going for something very bright, or alternatively, when choosing a larger rug, try and find one which will work at the centre of the room.

For the best look, try and follow a few general rules with regards to positioning. In any room, a rug shouldn’t be touching the walls. Try and leave at least 5 inches around the edge of the rug, more if your room is larger. You may want to find a rug which just about the edge of the furniture around the walls of your room for an easy guide. Just be careful to ensure it either sits underneath or just short of – you don’t want it pushed up against the furniture!

And what about positioning around the bed?

There are several different options, depending on the size of your room.

If you want a large rug, for the best look, either ensure the bed (and the bedside tables) sit entirely on the rug, or, the lower two-thirds of the bed sits on the rug and the bedside tables and the top part of your bed are on the bare floor. This will create a more balanced look.

Alternatively, if you have beautiful wooden floors you wish to showcase, you could put a smaller rug beside your bed to sink your toes in on cold mornings. Put a rug on both sides if you share with a partner, you have a large bedrooms or you want symmetry.

Colonial Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

You could even put a rug at the foot of the bed. This works particularly well if you have a blanket chest and a large chest of drawers opposite each other as it breaks up what may otherwise be a fairly plain space.

Next comes style

If the bedding and furniture in your bedroom is upholstered in a solid colour, a gorgeous pattern would work well. But then again, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and create a wonderfully unique finish.

Wool rugs add a feeling of luxury and warmth to any space. The understated, sumptuous design of the Grey Twist New Zealand Wood Rug will look beautiful in any bedroom to give a genuine Scandinavian ambiance. Not only this, if you have gone for a slightly more intricate design when it comes to furniture, such as the blanket chest featured above, the simple styling of this rug will work wonders to create a luxurious space.

Alternatively, the Louis De Poortere Mad Men Soho Copper Rug will really make a statement. The flecks of copper will bring nothing but delight and would work beautifully in a neutral colour scheme with some warmth to them.

If you have a fairly clean, contemporary look to your bedroom, modern rugs with vibrant patterns are sure to look fantastic. Modern style is all about adding personality to your space.

Louis de Poortere rug- atlantic ocean blue waves

White-on-white has been a popular style choice in homes for many years. In a bedroom, this looks great to provide the ultimate tranquil space to relax in. However, a rug is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of colour and really make a statement if you want to add something with more personality or if the all-white look is a little too clinical for your tastes. Go for a bright colour or pattern for the best effect like the Louis De Poortere Atlantic Ocean Blue Waves Rug.

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug in Beige Sky

Alternatively, the Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug in Beige Sky is perfect for a more neutral look if you have colour in your bedding or want to make a statement elsewhere. Mix in metal elements for a stylish blend of contemporary, industrial and elegant vintage design.

To find the perfect rug for your home browse the Louis de Poortere collection or get in touch with one of our team members for any enquiries.