Give your bedroom a new look with these bedside lamps

Luxury Raindrop Table Lamp

Luxury Raindrop Table Lamp and wall mirror

It’s amazing how changing a small but important accessory in a room can give it a completely different feel. And this is no truer than in the bedroom.

The bedside lamps are important in a bedroom – they provide an extra layer of light, adding softness and warmth to a space too. But because they are ‘not on show’ to guests, we perhaps tend to ‘settle’ for the ordinary.

Banish mediocre bedside lamps to the recycling bin and opt for these stylish lamps instead.

Add texture in neutral tones

If your bedroom is a haven of peace and tranquillity, you won’t want to be introducing a bold light with a bold colour. But, adding texture is a great way of adding detail to a room. Stick with neutral shades but consider the finish and final look.

Miranese Table Lamp

The Miranese table lamp is the ideal choice with a great shape and texture to its base, as does the raindrop table lamp.

Hang low

We often think of table lamps as being exactly that – table lamps that can sit on bedside tables. But if you want to save table top space, using a hanging pendant light is the ideal solution. Keep the wattage of the bulb low so that it casts a soft glow.

Enjoy the industrial pendant hanging light hanging low next to the bed or the Arlington pendant light casts a gorgeous golden-copper tone. Works especially well with a modern look to the bedroom, including the clean lines of modern furniture.

Less is more

You want a de-cluttered space in which to end a busy day and start the next feeling refreshed and invigorated. But this can sometimes leave us feeling that the room is a little stark.

Adding a table lamp is ideal but with such a minimal backdrop, it is hard to introduce shape and form without it dominating the feel of contemporary furniture and detracting from the contemporary bed too.

Kingsport Table Lamp

When less is more, turn to the coolness of metal and barely-there designs such as the Kingsport table lamp. For a superb minimal look, opt for a floor lamp with the sleek design similar to that offered by the Rainbow Vallen range.

Metallic heaven!

Following on from using metals, there is a growing trend for not only metallic bases to lamps but metallic shades too. Reminiscent of Moroccan design and shapes, adding a metallic table lamp complements modern bedroom furniture perfectly.

The tear drop shape of this table lamp, for example, is ideal for any bedroom style.

Luxe Tear Drop Table Lamp


There are times when you need function and adjustability in a table lamp, especially welcomed by those of us who enjoy a good book far too late into the night!

The Wire Weave Fairy Light has an appeal all of its own, and we think works well where white bedroom furniture shows it off.

Warmth of wood

If you prefer a traditional style and want the warmth that wood offers, the Mollo Table Lamp is the ideal choice. It suits reclaimed furniture but looks great with any backdrop.

Which of these table lamps will add a fresh appeal to your bedroom?