How to decorate a grand bedroom

savannah reclaimed wood bedroom furniture

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Bed

Do you look on with envy at the grand looking master bedrooms of others featured in magazines and on websites? Do you wish that your bedroom, supposedly a place of retreat and tranquility, could look a little more adult, stylish and a lot less ‘young’ or ‘mish mashed’?

We tend to leave the decorating and styling of the master bedroom until the rest of the home is done. But no longer. Now is the time to get the grand look to your bedroom – and we show you how!

Decide on Your Style

Winchester Rustic Wooden Bedroom Furniture

‘Grand’ is a generic term that could apply to a range styles from the minimalist to the modern, to the traditional.

When you think grand, what is it that you think of? Whatever style you opt for, think big, think luxury, think bold statements, think calm colours. Everything should be chosen with care and placed with care too.

Now you have decided on the style of your grand bedroom, let’s start putting the look together.

  • Colour

Of all the grand bedrooms you see, there is a commonality when it comes to colour. They all use neutral tones for a fantastic, luxurious backdrop.

Wave goodbye to heavily patterned papers and welcome understated patterns, or better still, matte, painted walls. Keep the ceiling white too.

  • Flooring

Opt for neutral flooring too and whether you choose hard or carpeted flooring, choose the very best your budget will stretch too. Once you have the major items of furniture in place, you could consider adding a wool rug to add texture to the floor and warmth with a sheepskin rug.


  • The bed

The most important item of furniture is the statement that the bed makes. This is down to not only the colours, patterns and quality of the bed linen but the bed frame itself. Some people prefer no frame on show and so it looks like the mattress and base are floating in the space.

If you want a frame on show – it can help define the space – then you have plenty of choices. We love a rustic bed, the frame made from solid wood that works well against cool, neutral colours.

  • The bedroom furniture

Now you need to dress the rest of the space, opting for furniture that offer function as well as style. The Winchester Collection is ideal. Items are available in the darker wood to add drama to a space or keep the feeling lighter with the lighter wood.

Winchester Rustic Wooden Large Chest of Drawers

Either way, you will need a bedroom chest of drawers, a pair of bed side tables and a mirror to add wall feature, as well as help to bounce light around.

If you need additional storage space, a wooden blanket box, one of the many reclaimed furniture items we source to bring only the best for our customers.

You could add a sense of the quirky too, without compromising on the grand appearance with a reclaimed wood dressing table.

Adding detail

Now add the detail without cluttering the space. How about, for example, an armchair to dress the room, like this neutral grey, button-backed chair with exquisite stud work? Or bedside table lamps that illuminate the tranquil space with a soft glow, like the elegant Martino table lamp?

Dame Grey Studded Button Back Chair

A grand bedroom means neutral but warm walls and floor. Elegant pieces that frame the bed, with carefully chosen accessories that bring the final look together. How will you style yours?