The best living room shelving ideas

living room oak ladder shelving for living room

Adding some sort of shelving unit to your living room is really underrated. Not only will a wooden shelving unit add lots of extra storage, they often also provide a perfect opportunity for adding a personal touch to your home with souvenirs from your travels, quirky decor pieces and photos.

Hudson Living Brooklyn Bookcase

Industrial furniture has remained a huge trend in home decor, but its no mystery why. The blend of old and new with reclaimed wood and subtle metal touches makes for truly eye-catching furniture that works in most contemporary homes. If you are looking for industrial shelving for your living room, the clean lines and the slim frame of the Hudson Living Brooklyn Bookcase is perfect. With a combination of the slatted design and concrete surfaces, the Brooklyn Bookcase is a statement in itself, even before it is dressed to impress.

Nottingham White TV Cabinet

With the ever expanding range of TV units, you no longer need to worry about making your TV look stylish. A white TV unit is perfect in any living room as the white helps to create the illusion of more space, and create a more tranquil environment you’ll love relaxing in. The stunning Nottingham White TV Cabinet adds luxury to your lounge, and will provide a charming focal point. With cupboard and shelving space, you can store all of your media players and tuck away those unsightly wires and controllers for a clutter-free, peaceful space.

Light Raw Oak Small Shelf Ladder (bookcase)

If you are looking for something unique in a wooden bookshelf, a shelf ladder may be the perfect option. The understated, Scandinavian styling of the Light Raw Oak Small Shelf Ladder is perfect for any living room with the light oak wood and enchanting design. Perfect as a bookcase or display unit or even as a standalone style statement in both contemporary and traditional rooms.

Turn it into a feature

Once you’ve found the perfect piece for your living room, think about how you can turn it into a feature, rather than something purely practical. Here are a few tips for creating the most stylish shelves around.

Mix shapes and textures

When it comes to arrangement, a display will always be more aesthetically pleasing when you mix shapes, textures, colours and sizes to create balance. For example, place a larger frame at the back of the shelf and add two or three objects like a shorter vase or candles in front to create depth. This also helps to avoid your shelf looking too cluttered.

Colour code books

If you have a lot of books, why not make a feature of them. Colourful bookshelves look beautiful in bright white homes as a fun pop of colour. You could even colour code your books to create a rainbow.

Go minimalist

Alternatively, a minimalist look can look just as beautiful. With one or two items on your shelves like a pot plant with a flash of green, a beautiful coffee table book or two and an odd accessory in a colour of your preference, you can really let the shelves themselves do the talking. This will create a stunning Scandinavian inspired space.

For more shelving options for your living room, browse our living room storage collection or get in touch with one of our team members for a bespoke piece.