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How to decorate a small home office

How to decorate a small home office

It is predicted that by 2020, half of the UK workforce will spend some or all of the working week working from home, according to And that means more of us will be looking to create and decorate a practical and stylish home office with home office furniture. Just how do you achieve this?

Choosing a home office style

Just like the rest of your home, you want your home office to be stylish and practical. The industrial bespoke furniture style is a pleasing one, perfect for every room in the home, including functional spaces such as the home office.

Reclaimed wood furniture offers clean lines and practicality as well as warmth and a feeling of creating a room that is unique to you. The industrial home office is ideal and with a huge array of industrial furniture to choose from, creating the home office is a cinch.

The home office desk and chair

Oak Foldable Desk

The desk is often the most important piece in the office and needs to fit with your needs. The home office desk doesn’t have to be huge with a foldaway design being perfect for the smaller home office – without compromising on style nor practical use.

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

You can, of course, always opt for a custom-sized industrial reclaimed wood desk, with a beautiful reclaimed wood top.

Maintain the industrial style with a leather office chair, opting for an adjustable and moveable chair to support you as you work and move around your home office.

Brown Leather Desk Chair

Home office storage

We may work in a very different way today than we did years ago – there are far less paper and filing, for example in the modern office – but that doesn’t mean the home office doesn’t need storage. What it does mean is that storage needs are different.

The key to successful storage is accessibility. The easier and quicker we can retrieve an item and put it back again is the key to a tidy, functional home office.

With the home office desk and leather office chair in situ, you can begin the process of the furnishing the rest of the room.

Our top tips for furnishing a home office would include;

  • Mixing shelving and cupboard space with an industrial display unit that offers both. A bookcase with doors is a fantastic investment.

Oak Bookcase With Door and 3 Shelves

  • If you want less of an ‘office’ appearance, opt for more cupboards, such as a sideboard, that will hide away work paraphernalia. Soften the edges with a few well-chosen accessories.

  • Ditch filing cabinets and other typical office furniture, choosing items that you would see in other areas of the home. The hallway console table, for example, makes a practical addition as a narrow desk.

Get colour-wise

Colour is important in any room but for the industrial home office, it plays a crucial part in adding both warmth and light.

Opting for lighter shades on the walls and ceilings will open up the room, with darker colours adding drama but pulling the walls in.

Keep the walls white or a very light shade of blue, cream or beige but add pings of colour with other items. A rug with pops of colour such as a yellow and grey rug will lift the room instantly or choose a darker colour that fits within the industrial style.

Louis de Poortere Grey and Yellow Rug

And finally, don’t forget to adorn the walls with your favourite artwork and choices. And don’t forget, a beautiful wall mirror would be ideal for bouncing around the light as well as being a statement piece.

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