How to decorate an industrial dining table when not in use

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

For some, the vast sweep of empty tabletop space is a comfort. It shows everything is in its place, leaving the grain of the dining table wood to enjoy the ‘light of day’. For others, this is an empty, barren landscape and when not entertaining, the dining table still deserves to be dressed. But how, without cluttering the dining table or being too over-the-top with a centrepiece?

Add greenery and colour

Original it may be as a centrepiece idea, but can fault bringing in greenery to any room of the home? The table top is the ideal place to welcome lush green plants or the delicate fragrance of fresh blooms.

Lansdowne Industrial Dining Table

Unpretentious yet beautiful, the reclaimed wood dining table of our customer @Insidenumber_13 opt for a clear glass vase filled to bursting with Sweet Williams flowers. Another customer, @rosewoodprojecthouse add a blousy Hosta to their Rocco dining table, another perfect stylish example of how flowers and plants bring understate zest and zing to a dining table.

Rocco Oak Dining Table

Lavender seems to be a popular choice and no wonder with its beautiful delicate and relaxing smell, we love the rustic plant pots and lavender that @lifeatnumber70 uses with their magnificent, glass-topped Kensington reclaimed dining table.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

@aconstantdreamer shows us a slightly different finish using the same lush glass-topped Kensington dining table with fern arrangements to give extra depth and detailing to the beautiful neutral coloured kitchen.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table in Kitchen

Collection of vases and urns

Who says that empty vases have to be hidden away? Isn’t there something delightful about the bulbous curves of an urn vase with industrial style furniture? Available in a range of heights, sizes, colours and material (as well as price), ‘getting arty’ and clustering vases of varying heights make a pleasant to look at centrepiece, especially for the industrial dining table in our opinion. Simplicity is key, especially when you want to emphasise the beauty of the piece as @morethanblush shows with this simple urn and flower arrangement atop their Standford industrial dining table.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Candles and sparkles

No one can have too much sparkle and glamour in their life and no matter what style of dining table you choose, the gently flickering flame of a pillar candle nestled in the centre of a dining table is perfection.

If you want an addition that isn’t ‘show-off-blousy’, then a pillar candle in a storm glass vase, maybe with a small posy of flowers alongside it is a gentle and beautiful piece of detailing. Something that isn’t lost on us with this beautiful photo by our customer @thetownhome and their beautiful Maddox reclaimed table.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Dining Table in dining room

Seasonal detailing

Another way of dressing your dining or kitchen table when not in use is with seasonal details. A wide bowl with coloured pumpkins and squash in the autumn, for example, makes for a pretty addition as do vases of flowers and sprigs cut from your summer garden. Welcome winter with plenty of candles and glitter, and welcome in spring with a pot of bulbs that grow into fragrant daffodils.

Add a table cloth

We don’t recommend ‘hiding’ your reclaimed wood table for too long, but we have to admit, there is something decadent about a dining table draped in a sumptuous cloth, especially next to upholstered dining chairs. Opt for a table cover that is much bigger than your table to enjoy the flow and collection of fabric.

Every dining and kitchen table and chairs deserves a little centrepiece detailing but what’s your favourite?