How to enjoy a family bonfire night party

Young children in dark holding sparklers

An alternative bonfire night is on the cards for most of us this November. There will be very few large organised events so we have come up with some suggestions on how to create a safe bonfire night to remember at home with your family.

Two steel fire pits in a field with small wooden stool

Photo featuring: Barrington Steel Fire Pit

Obviously, one of the main elements to get the ball rolling is a bonfire but having a great big bonfire in your garden may not be a very practical option, so we love the idea of a wood fire pit! This is a great addition to your outdoor garden furniture that will bring you many warm and cosy evenings under the stars, long after bonfire night has been and gone.

There are so many gorgeous types of fire pit available now and they’re perfect for small or large outdoor sitting and entertaining areas. A metal fire pit will make your garden become an area where you can spend many more hours – they provide light into the night and make your garden a cosy and warm place to be during the colder months and of course, they are just gorgeous to just simply sit and watch….on extra chilly nights you can wrap up in a blanket and sip a hot cocoa!

Small round steel fire pit with concrete base

Photo featuring: Lyneham Round Fire Pit

Back to Bonfire night….!

During the day get your garden furniture ready in situ with your fire bowl, load it up with a couple of fire starters, kindling and wood ready for lighting later.

Bowl of chilli con carne on wooden table with tortilla chips

To get organised in the kitchen – we suggest getting a hearty chilli con carne in the slow cooker for dinner – it’s a bit of a bonfire night classic, full of flavour and soul-warming spices. We love this firework cupcake and we’re pretty sure the kids will love them too!

Bonfire night theme cupcake with sparkler in the top

When the kids come home from school you can do bonfire finger paintings – get some large sheets of thick paper along with yellow, orange and red liquid paints – get those little fingers into the paint and swoosh the paint from the bottom to the top of the page to look like flames – paint some logs on the bottom and sprinkle over some glitter for a bit of sparkle!

Close up of marshmallows being roasted on sticks over a bonfire

You can set the dining table with a bonfire night theme. We love how the colours of bonfire night, warm red, orange and yellow work with the natural tones of reclaimed wood furniture, use a vase of fresh-cut autumnal flowers as your centrepiece, use red napkins and some candles to create a cosy atmosphere. Or if it is a milder night, you could take your evening meal outside and sit in the cosy light and warmth of the fire, followed by toasting marshmallows over the flames. You can still get some garden fireworks, a few Catherine wheels and some sparklers for the kids. Probably the best and safest way to spend the 5th of November this year. Enjoy!

Young girl in thick coat holding sparkler in the dark