Living room furniture that has stood the test of time

Brown leather chesterfield sofa with rustic coffee table and wooden sticks with blue candles

Living room style has changed a lot over the years – from a formal room used for special occasions and receiving guests, to the room many of us spend most our relaxation time in. Here we have a look at what pieces of furniture have stood the test of time and continue to be a living room favourite.

The Chesterfield sofa

The Chesterfield sofa started becoming popular in Victorian living rooms during the mid 19th century, the colours and fabrics have been changed to follow interior design trends over the years but the basic style remains the same. This classic 3 seater leather sofa is here to stay, it’s hugely versatile and continues to timelessly blend with ultra-modern, industrial or reclaimed wood furniture.

Photo featuring: Oswald 2 Seater Sofa

Wing back chair

This is another living room classic. The design of this armchair was initially driven purely by functionality not for comfort or for its aesthetics – they were designed with sides and a high back so that the person sat in it would not be affected by drafts, common in a 16th or 17th century house. Similarly, these features also offered protection from the blistering heat as they sat by the fire.

Photo featuring: Grayson Grey Fabric Armchair

A mid century sideboard

Sideboards were originally only for the dining room – initially just a table against the wall on which the food would be placed – then shelves were added below and then doors until they ended up being what they are today. Their storage capability was recognised and they made it into the living room, where they now store board games, DVD and console games, books and anything else you want to keep close to hand but hidden out of sight.

Mid century style sideboard against grey wall with ornaments on top and print behind

Photo featuring: Mitcham Large Oak Squared Industrial Sideboard

Faded rug

Faded pink rug with glass coffee table and pink velvet sofa

Photo featuring: Louis de Poortere Fading World Pink Flash Red Rug

The oldest known surviving rug is the Pazyryk Carpet which dates back to around 500BC – but textile floor coverings are thought to date back more than 4,000 years. With today’s endless fabric dyes and weaving capabilities, we have a huge choice when it comes to living room rugs. These are definitely here to stay, we love how Louis de Poortere rugs mix a modern faded finish with classic rug designs.

Wall mirrors

Hanging a big mirror above your mantlepiece is the classic way to decorate over the fireplace. Some suggest this was historically done as frames and wall mirrors would have been very expensive – frames were often made from silver, ivory, tortoiseshell or ebony – it was the done thing to display your most valuable pieces in a prime position so it would be the first thing people see as they enter the room. Of course, fine art was also displayed in this prominent position and now we often see a TV over the fireplace.

White living room with white armchair, mirror of fireplace and large green plant


Pendant light

Pendant ceiling lights are believed to have originated in ancient Greece where they started off as a clay pot hung up with animal fat in and a wick for burning….Luckily they have come a long way since then! Now they are a must-have in a living room with a high ceiling. In a living / dining space, you can hang one over a dining table or suspend one so it hangs over a sofa end lamp table as a stylish alternative to the standard table lamp.

Natural hanging pendant lights in living room with bright blue wing back armchair and light grey sofaFor similar pendant light see our Karine Jute Pendant Light