How to get the modern farmhouse style

Rustic wooden bench with checked cushions and white painted panelled wall

wooden bench with checked cushions and round rug

In recent years, the concept of modern farmhouse style has become a popular look, and the good news is that design experts believe it will be with us for some time to come. This is a contemporary style that is cosy but right on trend and has plenty of room for a person to add their own personality. Plus, it is calming and authentic without being too rural in its styling, offering clean lines with pops of subtle colour. The modern farmhouse style is also a real mixture of textures so if you have been looking for a style to complement rustic furniture, then this is the perfect choice for you and your home.

What is the difference between farmhouse and country styles?

The word farmhouse brings to mind an image of a slightly cluttered look. It includes wooden mismatched furniture, in particular, a scrubbed worn farmhouse table, flowery fabrics, a range-type stove and a look that is more practical and put together over time. Essentially it is lacking in any strong design cohesion – this is the country style. The addition of the word modern to the style changes this and offers a more updated look on the rustic country style. In a move away from the completely modern look of stainless steel and monochrome colour palettes, the modern farmhouse look is altogether softer and mixes warmer neutral and more texture.

For those people who dream of a more rustic style of home décor but still want a look that is “pulled-together,” well-thought out and offers all the design benefits of modern style, but with a softer look……then modern farmhouse is a great choice for this more organic flow.


wooden bench with white painted legs and checked cushions

The modern farmhouse look relies on textures as a key part of its aesthetic in order to achieve a softer look. Natural materials work well and can be mixed to great effect. A farmhouse dining table, for example, made of reclaimed wood will fit much better into the style than one with a more polished look. Consider pairing the look of this more organic choice of material with textiles like wool, tumbled linens and even soft velvet for a richer interest.


living room with large round wooden coffee table and black display cabinets

The colour palette for the modern farmhouse style is based on neutrals, greys, soft, gentle browns with names like mushroom and latte, and greige – a mix of grey and beige. It can also incorporate pops of bolder colours like inky blues, emerald or natural shades of green. Black, whilst not a bold colour, can be used to striking effect with this style. The key is to create a calm and neutral environment and then add carefully placed accents of your chosen colour through clever use of soft furnishings, accessories and discreet feature painting.


live edge dining table in oak with white linen runner

The furniture that is most suited to the modern farmhouse style offers a more natural, cosy look. In addition to seating with soft lines and neutral colours, rustic wood and reclaimed wood furniture is a popular choice. A rustic coffee table will work really well in a modern farmhouse-style lounge. The natural features of the wood set against a neutral wall with maybe a plant to help raise the natural element of the style will work a treat.

Overall, keep it casual. When it comes to a more modern farmhouse look think simple – no fussy detailing is needed here, just high quality timeless materials and beautiful wooden furniture.

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