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How to mix and match dining chairs
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How to mix and match dining chairs

While it is certainly possible, and often preferable, to buy dining room sets, there is no reason you can't buy your reclaimed wood dining table and chairs separately for a more unique look. Where once this mismatched style might not have been the done thing when it came to home decor - we all remember our student house or first flat with all sorts of hand-me-down furniture - mismatched dining chairs are not just seen as acceptable now, they're very much in vogue.

reclaimed wood dining table with brown and grey faux leather dining chairs

Of course, just like any other fashion trend, mismatched dining chairs can be a tricky look to pull off. However, when it is done properly it can create a wonderful and somewhat elegantly eclectic design statement in your home. Read on as we share some of the things you should think about if you want to create a really well-thought-out look.

The big rule

When it comes to using mismatched chairs in your dining room there is one big rule to remember. You can mix and match seating styles, patterns and designs but don't even think about mixing all three! It is important to include some form of unifying elements. This could be in the form of the design of the chair, the material and/or the colour. So for example, if you opt for fabric dining chairs, they can be different colours, but you should try to keep to the same style.

If you choose six chairs that look completely different, then you risk ending up with a dining room that looks like a second-hand shop. Great if that's the look you're going for, but not for the effortlessly eclectic trend we're talking about here. The only exception to this would be if the rest of your house has a completely eclectic mismatched look, in which case, go for it!

Different chairs for the foot and head of the table

One look that works well, and one you see in a lot of the dining room sets online or in-store, is where the dining chairs at the foot and head of the table are different to the rest of the chairs. You may want to consider dining chairs with arms, different coloured dining chairs, or both. This is a great look that works well in a more final dining space.

oak dining table with grey faux leather dining chairs

Chairs and benches

Another well-established tradition when it comes to mix-and-match dining chairs is to bring in benches as well as chairs. This works well with wooden chairs and wooden benches and is a great option in a smaller room where the table needs to be stored against a wall, with a bench underneath. Corner benches are also a great choice when mixed with chairs to create a cosier eating nook in a kitchen diner.

rustic dining table with fabric dining chairs and wooden dining bench

Same style different colour

One incredibly effective, and simple way you can mix and match your dining chairs is to choose different colours of the same style of chair. For example, why not mix the grey fabric dining chairs of the Owen range with one of the other colours in the range? The Skye range is another great option for this type of blended décor.

Think symmetry

Finally, one more tip. When mixing and matching your chairs, consider the symmetry of the different chairs you are looking at. Seek out chairs that are the same height or the same width. Whether you opt for an upholstered dining chair or wooden, this will help to pull together a mismatched look that provides just the effect you're looking for.

reclaimed wood dining table with velvet dining chairs

Are you going to give the mix and match trend a go? Browse our wide range of fabric dining chairs, wooden dining chairs and faux leather dining chairs, here at Modish Living. And, don't forget to visit our Ideas and Inspiration for more great ways to refresh your home. Or sign-up for our newsletter below and get a weekly dose of inspiration straight into your inbox. 👇



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