How to get the white farmhouse kitchen

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Bench

The farmhouse kitchen is a stylish option for any home. Here’s how to give it an industrial twist, a fantastic way of switching up a style that is both functional and practical.

1 Open shelving

A common feature of the farmhouse kitchen is to have items – pretty accessories and essential – on display. Open shelving can help to maximise the feeling of space in the kitchen too.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dresser

The reclaimed wood dresser gives you the best of both worlds with a mix of open shelving and cupboard space for things you may want to hide away. Choose the slight distressed white finish so you don’t end up with too much of a bright, ‘modern’ white finish.

2 The farmhouse kitchen table is a key player

No matter how tight your budget, you need to be assigning a fair chunk of it to the farmhouse dining table. It is, after all, the heart of the home and in the farmhouse style, the bigger the better.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Extended

The six-seater extendable wooding dining trestle table is perfect. It gives you ample eating space without compromising on style.

If you want a less formal eating space, ring the changes with a bar table and stools set up. A great way of adding your own twist on this popular style.

Oakley Leather Bar Stools

In fact, the kitchen bar stools are a functional addition, perfect for when you have more guests than dining chairs at the table.

3 The dining chairs have a place too

The dining chairs are an important component of creating a stylish farmhouse kitchen. The half wood, half upholstered dining chair is the perfect compromise if you feel that an all-upholstered fabric dining chair wouldn’t last the test of time and use in your busy family kitchen.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair

With the padded, upholstered seat, the slightly distressed white painted frame of the wooden dining chairs dovetail nicely with the reclaimed wood dresser.

4 Sassy lighting

Another great way of adding your own stamp on things is to opt for a central light that oozes both sophistication and character.

Arundel Pendant Light

It has a pleasant industrial, almost café-style about it but the hanging pendant light with glass shade is the perfect fusion of industrial, rustic and farmhouse rolled into one.

Hang it over your statement table and watch the patina of the reclaimed wood dining table dance and glow under its soft lighting.

5 Don’t over style it

The farmhouse look is deliciously informal and yet, when it comes to kitchens – more so fitted ones – we tend to think too hard about every detail.

Relax with the white farmhouse kitchen look but pay attention to some of the smaller details. For example, don’t opt for the fully fitted look. Opt for half and half with plenty of freestanding furniture – if the wood dresser is too ‘obvious’, opt for a sideboard in the kitchen which will work just as well.

The distressed, slightly rustic look of this reclaimed wood furniture staves off criticisms of it looking too modern and too sleek, but pay careful attention to the handles – opt for metal, low-key handles rather than wooden knobs or colours.

Why not send us photos of your farmhouse kitchen? We love to be inspired by our customers.