Refresh your home for autumn with a farmhouse sideboard

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

If there is one style that oozes comfort alongside function it is the farmhouse style. Appealing for so many reasons, with the chill of autumn starting to creep into the evenings, we are once again retreating indoors.

The farmhouse style is adaptable, perfect for giving your autumn home a refreshing appeal and welcome. And the farmhouse styled sideboard is an absolute must. Ideal for stashing everything from your best dinner services to ‘bits and bobs’, just how do you get the most out of your farmhouse sideboard?

Symmetry, but not too much

A sideboard brings welcome symmetry and order to a room. To balance the large expanse of space on top, we fall into the trap of bookending it with identical items.

Savannah Large Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

Move away from over-symmetry by balancing a large reclaimed wood sideboard by clustering items in odd numbers at either end, leaving a gap in the middle. Balance it further with a stunning piece of wall art or ornate framed mirror.

When space is tight…

… you don’t have to bid your dreams of a sideboard goodbye. Instead, modify its dimensions, opting for a smaller cousin that won’t swamp the room but still afford you usable and accessible storage options.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

The smaller sideboard from our newest range, the Chelwood Collection, is divine in so many ways. Made from reclaimed wood, the slightly refined texture of the piece works well alongside your reclaimed wood dining table.

Play with colour

We often assume that the farmhouse style is about everything being natural but you can still use hints of colours, especially white.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

This distressed white finished farmhouse sideboard has the charm and compact dimensions a smaller room may need but still has plenty of storage space with both cupboard and drawers space on offer. Plenty of room for this and a farmhouse dining table too!

Make it really practical

An item of reclaimed wood furniture that boasts a high level of function is one that has more than one use. A sideboard is great for keeping stuff in but sometimes, in the busy kitchen, you need something more.

A partner to wall art

Wall art, whether it be a canvas or an ornate mirror, can be a feature in the room. But it can become lost somehow, behind clusters of accessories and eclectic collections of books, candles and lamps.

So be bold and leave the sideboard top clear of all items. Hang a large piece of artwork or statement mirror low on the wall and let it speak. You don’t have to compromise on the sideboard style either.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Louvred Sideboard

This louvred door large sideboard would sit well in the farmhouse style and with a piece of artwork hanging above, it would be ideal.

How have you styled your farmhouse sideboard? Why not send us some photos?