Is a kitchen island for you?

Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs in Kitchen

Rustic Oak Farmhouse Extendable Dining Table

For a larger, spacious kitchen, a central island is an obvious choice. For smaller kitchens, however, the kitchen island as a fixed, immovable feature can bring more problems than it solves. A strategically placed kitchen table, however, is the solution that you need. And here’s why:

Adds Character

For the industrial styled or modern rustic kitchen, there is no denying the character that a kitchen table brings to the space. A longer table helps the eye to see the smaller kitchen as ‘longer’ too, a perfect illusion to create or a smaller kitchen table takes up less space, but because it is moveable, allows for more versatility.

Rough Sawn Stanford Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table

If you plan to chop, knead and slice at the kitchen table as you would an island, choose a higher than average one, like this Rough Swan extendable kitchen table, a piece of furniture that can be made to your exact needs, from height to size. Add style and aplomb with bar stools, like these industrial-styled button back leather bar stools, with detailed leg frames or these oak bar stools for the rustic kitchen.

Encourages a sense of openness

The kitchen is a busy room, but the kitchen island brings welcome extra worktop space to the smaller kitchen. Take a look at other storage alternatives, maximise cupboard space and source clever storage solutions that use the kitchen walls.

Aldsworth Small Wooden Shelf Ladder

For example, wall mounting the microwave is a logical solution as it a ‘maiden’ for hanging pots, pans and cooking utensils above the cooking area. If you have a small area that could double as storage space, a small ladder unit would add welcome storage shelves, great for the rustic kitchen.

Adds Style

A kitchen island is, in many ways, not to be missed but its fixed structure is not for everyone. There is no reason why the kitchen table cannot be practical and functional as a food prep bench, as well as a suave, sophisticated dining table.

Brook Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs White

With elegant dining accessories, it can be transformed into something magnificent and with fabric dining chairs too – choose any style or colour that makes a statement for you! – you can see how a reclaimed wood table turns from workhorse to elegant dining feature.


A kitchen island is fixed. Get it wrong, and the calamity will great you every time you walk in the kitchen. The small kitchen table can be replaced, modernised, updated, painted… its versatility knows no bounds, especially when you consider that by changing the seating arrangement – why not opt for a dining bench, for example? – you breathe new life into the kitchen (and the table).

Tradition or Not?

There is a suggestion, the source of which is lost in time, that the kitchen and the way we use it should follow rules. But there is no rule that says you can only peel veg stood at a worktop or whisking eggs can only happen whilst you remain upright. Sit at the table, peel, chop and knead whilst you remain comfortably seated at a beautiful kitchen table.